How much would this tattoo cost me

For those belonging to the first group, several factors play an important role in getting a tattoo. Of course, real tattoo fans attach great importance to which artist they have the next tattoo done. The price that you have to pay for a tattoo also plays an important role. Prices for tattoos are different. Basically, the tattoo prices depend on many different factors. What exactly this is and what current tattoo costs will apply in 2021 is shown in more detail below.

What does the price of a tattoo depend on?

The prices for tattoos are made up in different ways. One criterion that plays a decisive role is the size of the tattoo. Of course, a larger tattoo is significantly more expensive than a smaller, dainty tattoo. Large tattoos are often associated with a lot of effort for the artist. They cover large areas on the body and can be decorated with many details and details.

It usually takes several hours to get a bigger tattoo done. Often a few sessions are even necessary because either the tattoo artist or the customer has to pause. The costs for a small tattoo, however, are limited. If the tattoo only consists of a few fine lines and is very small, you don't have to pay much for this as a customer.

This brings us to another factor that can greatly influence the price of a tattoo: the motif. The more elaborate the motif, the more you have to pay for the tattoo. Tattoos that only consist of a few straight or crooked lines are currently in vogue and it is often those who are the first to want such a tattoo. After all, you need a steady hand to get this kind of tattoo on clients. However, such a tattoo is associated with far less effort and time than one that has a lot of details.

The price for a tattoo also depends on the part of the body where the tattoo is to be placed. Since the skin is more elastic in certain places on the body, it is also more time-consuming and expensive to get a tattoo at precisely this point. This is the case, for example, if you decide to have a tattoo on the costal arch.

The tattoo artist has to be extremely careful here and therefore needs a little longer to make a tattoo. The cost of a tattoo on the forearm is much lower. For this reason, the price does not only depend on the size or the motif that you want, it still depends on the skin area where the tattoo is to be stung.

Tattoo prices in 2021

In the following some tattoos are presented and at the same time it is discussed what a tattoo costs. Since tattoos are displayed on different parts of the body and in different sizes, you get a pretty good impression of how the costs for a tattoo in 2021 are made up. However, you have to mention in advance that each tattoo studio sets its own prices - the prices listed in the table below are only estimates. In order to find out the actual price for a tattoo, it is always best to go directly to the studio of your choice and get advice on site.

Triangle on fingerIf you get a tattoo on your finger, it is of course already clear that it cannot be a very large tattoo. Most tattoos on the fingers or hands are around 3 to 5 cm tall. Many people tend to have what is known as a “fine line” tattoo on their fingers. Our triangle is the best example of this. In this case the triangle was about 4 cm in size and was kept in black and white. This is believed to be one of the smallest tattoos around.approx. 50 euros
Animal tattoo on upper armThis is a very popular motif and an extremely popular place. The upper arm is especially perfect if it is the first tattoo to be done. The skin on the upper arm is not extremely stretchy. For this reason, not only the pain on the arm, but also the costs for the tattoo on the upper arm are limited. In our example it is again a black and white tattoo with a size of about 4 cm.approx. 120 euros
Colorful tattoo on the hipFor all those who are in the mood for color, only a colorful tattoo is actually an option. No specific motif is given here, but the tattoo is again about 10 cm in size. Compared to the upper arm, the area on the hipbone is a very sensitive area. Since the tattoo artist has to be a little more careful here, the price also increases.approx. 200 euros
Dotwork style tattoo on upper armIn this example, the price mainly depends on the tattoo artist and his style. Getting a tattoo in the dotwork style is very time-consuming for a tattoo artist. The tattoo on the upper arm is also a larger motif, which increases the effort even more. For these reasons, the price of this tattoo is higher than the previous ones.approx. 250 euros

What is the best way to prepare for the tattoo?

Before you can even seriously think about the tattoo, the most important thing is to find the right studio. Of course you shouldn't get a tattoo at the first studio you come across. It is better to get an impression of several studios first. Perhaps you know friends who have already had good experiences with a studio and can recommend an artist who works in that studio.

Most of the time, as soon as you step into the studio, you have a feeling for whether it is a clean tattoo studio or not. Hygiene is the top priority with a tattoo. If you already have an exact idea of ​​the tattoo that you want to get done, you can actually tell in the first consultation with the tattoo artist whether you like the style of the tattoo artist and whether he can implement the tattoo as you imagine it . Most of the time, this becomes clear when the artist makes a sketch of what is being described. A professional tattoo artist will of course inform customers about all possible risks in the first conversation. Only if all open questions can be clarified does this speak clearly for the artist and the tattoo studio.

Right before the tattoo appointment, you should make sure that you drink enough fluids. You should be well rested and best avoid alcohol or coffee. A tattoo appointment can put a strain on your circulation. Therefore, the most important thing is to drink enough water before getting a tattoo.

Tattoo care: tips for afterwards

So that everything heals well and, above all, there are no scars or infections, the tattoo must be carefully cared for after the sting. You can accelerate the healing process, for example, if you regularly apply wound and healing ointment to the tattooed area. This is best done every 4 hours. It is also advisable to wrap the tattoo with foil at night so that the affected area does not come into contact with textiles.

When it comes to tattoo care, the time of year in which the tattoo was created also plays an important role. In summer, you should avoid sunlight for at least 12 weeks. You should also avoid outdoor swimming pools or pools with a new tattoo. One must always keep in mind that a tattoo should first be treated like a wound. For this reason, it is also advisable not to do anything strenuous on the day after the tattoo appointment. It is best to rest and take your time to apply the correct creams and ointments on a regular basis.


Basically, there is a lot to consider when deciding to get a tattoo. The prices for tattoos are mainly composed of factors such as size, body location and the choice of tattoo artist. Of course there are other criteria as well. However, the points just mentioned have a significant impact on costs. There are no flat fees that apply to every tattoo studio.

The costs mentioned in this article are intended as a guide. If you want to find out what exact costs to expect, it is best to get in touch with the tattoo studio of your choice. The on-site experts are able to deal with the customer's preferred motif. Depending on the effort, the tattoo prices are then calculated.

There are also a few things to consider when preparing for the tattoo. It is important to find both a professional tattoo studio and a tattoo artist who you get along with right away. Finally, the tattoo is then applied to the skin by this. You should also pay attention to one or two tips on the day of the tattoo. It is important to drink enough and sleep before the appointment in order to appear relaxed in the tattoo parlor on the day of the appointment. In retrospect, proper care is the most important thing. If you follow these guidelines, nothing can go wrong with your tattoo!