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Knowledge What do pimples reveal about my health?

In fact, pimples are more than just annoying "lodgers". And depending on where they appear on your face, they say something specific about your health.

"Face Mapping" is the name of the method that was already used in ancient medicine in China to diagnose health problems through skin blemishes. For example, pimples on the forehead can indicate a heavy burden on the liver from alcohol consumption, while pimples on the nose, according to Chinese medicine, indicate cardiovascular problems. See more about this below.

Most of all, pimples tell you that something in your body is out of whack - be it from stress, hormones, or medication.

This is what pimples tell you in the following places:

  1. Pimples on the forehead: According to Chinese medicine, the forehead is related to the digestive system. Pimples at this point indicate food intolerance or too many toxins in the liver. Stress and too little sleep can also be triggers.
  2. Pimples on the nose: Pimples on the nose can indicate cardiovascular problems. However, inadequately removed remnants of beauty products are often the trigger for blackheads and pimples at this point.
  3. Pimples on the cheeks: Pollution and pollution affect our airways. According to Chinese medicine, pimples on the cheeks are associated with our lungs.
  4. Pimples on the chin: Pimples on the chin or jaw are usually related to hormonal fluctuations. Women in particular often get pimples here during their cycle. However, pimples in the jaw area can also indicate problems in the colon.

Generation smartphone

What we keep forgetting is that we put bacteria on our smartphones through our hands. No matter how often you wash your hands, we rarely clean our smartphones. The bacteria that collect there then quickly get back to our skin when we make a phone call and cause impurities in the cheek and ear area.