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What is smart about GLACÉAU smartwater?

GLACÉAU smartwater uses a smart, new technology to add the right amount of mineral salts to the water and thus give the innovation a fresh and clear taste. Inspired by the clouds that arise from water evaporation and condensation, a similar process is used in the manufacture of GLACÉAU smartwater. Natural mineral water is filtered, evaporated and condensed using the latest technology, adding the right amount of mineral salts - magnesium, calcium and potassium. The typical clear and fresh taste that distinguishes GLACÉAU smartwater results from the final filtering. So the innovative technology and the fresh and clear taste are smart. Both pack variants 0.6l and 1.1l PET are ideal for refreshment on the go, but also at home.

The material PET is very popular with consumers because it is practical and light and because you can see the product through the container. With a collection rate of 73% for PET bottles, the Austrians are already well ahead in an international comparison. In modern recycling plants such as Pet2Pet in Burgenland, the bales are loosened and shredded, which creates so-called flakes. These flakes are the starting material for new bottles. By 2030, Coca-Cola aims to collect one bottle for every bottle the company brings to market worldwide. In addition, Coca-Cola wants to develop more innovative packaging and increase the proportion of renewable materials by 2030. If you want to know more about the PET cycle or the environmentally revolutionary PlantBottle ™, then read:

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