How do you sound on the violin

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Hello Jelena88,

when I (regularly) make music with others, I usually hear and see immediately from their sound and how they are handling the instrument how the others are currently "on it", ie whether they are excited, angry, tired, bored, happy today, are high-spirited or expectant. The way in which you play it involuntarily expresses your current emotional state through the instrument. For this reason, musicians want to get used to a performance first. Not only is the musculoskeletal system warmed up and relaxed, it also puts you in the emotional state you need to interpret the work to be performed. It's just like a good actor. Even professional musicians don't sound the same every day, because they are people with emotions and not programming robots.

Since you probably don't have the same emotional mood every day, it's not uncommon for you to "sound different" every day when you start making music. You obviously need the first 45 minutes to "get down" emotionally to the point where you can create the sound you would like to have. That is exactly the point of "music therapy". Your observation shows that you can listen to yourself critically. It's good! Try to compare what you hear with your emotional state. You may then quickly find out what the cause of your "problem" is.


As an aside, the contributions of the others also basically describe what I was trying to express.

I wish you and everyone else a nice day and lots of fun making music.