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Hyphenation for 'battery'

Showing how to split the syllables of 'battery'.

The hyphenation (or word hyphenation) at the end of a line is done for economic reasons (a word no longer fits completely on a line) and aesthetic reasons (the page is filled more evenly). In many languages, including the German language, the main basis for word separation is breaking up compound words into their components and then breaking them down into syllables.

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The term battery, originally in French the order of battle of similar guns, was used, among other things. for the series connection of several galvanic cells and also applied to single cells. Other uses:

Battery (military), an assembly of several guns
Fireworks battery, also called cakebox, the combination of several launch tubes
Battery (chess), combination of several pieces along a line of action
Batteries (electrical engineering), stores for electrical energy on an electrochemical basis
Atomic battery, see radionuclide battery
Capacitor battery, the electrical interconnection of several capacitors
Part of a battery lock, see flint lock # ignition mechanism
Foot formation in ballet, see Ballet Glossary #B
Laying battery, a form of chicken husbandry, see poultry production # Cage farming
Mixer tap, the combination of several valves for mixing liquids and gases
French for percussionSee also:

Battery lane

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