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S / 4HANA technology stack

Database & data modeling

Today it is still possible to use any kind of database as the basis for a database. In the future there will only be the HANA database, in which the so-called core data services are used. Most of the work for the developer here lies in building the CDS architecture. For experienced software developers, the pure development of the respective CDS views can be learned intuitively and quickly.

SAP development under S / 4HANA [e-book]

SAP development under S / 4HANA: Everything about Core Data Services (CDS), ABAP development on HANA & CDS views and their architecture

SAP development under S / 4HANA [e-book]

Transaction services, business logic and data provision

The data storage and processing in an S / 4HANA system takes place via the Transaction Services. BOPF (Business Object Process Framework) is used here as the development framework. There the data is mapped in so-called business objects. The framework makes it very easy to enrich these with business logic.
The basis for this is ABAP OO, which is already a technology used today for an experienced developer. However, there will be new language elements that are necessary for high-performance use in conjunction with the HANA DB. These are functionalities that enable a code pushdown to the HANA database.
The data is provided via OData services. The OData services are basically also developed in the ABAP programming language, only the framework and its functionality need to be understood in addition. The standard for this was developed by Microsoft and is constantly being further developed.

SAP Fiori and SAPUI5

Selection screens and dynpros were once upon a time. The latest standard is called SAP Fiori, based on SAPUI5, an HTML5 framework. This is where the information and data from the OData services are processed and displayed. The main advantage of this technology is the use of a responsive design. This paves the way for the SAP applications to be put into operation on mobile devices. The basic knowledge required to use SAPUI5 is HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Steps to build up know-how

Fortunately, there is still some time until 2027 to acquire the relevant know-how. Which construction site should be worked on first depends on your individual level of knowledge. We are happy to support you in building up know-how with our training courses. Alternatively, you can use our training configurator to put together your individual training and thus work through your construction sites precisely.

David Broßeit

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