What is the difference between wireframe and model

What is the difference between wire mesh and models?

Wireframes are used to demonstrate the framework, information hierarchy, workflow, details about what is displayed on the screen, and a description of how a component works (note). Depending on the complexity of the application or the location, wireframes should be based on another requirement that can be met. Process models. Wireframes can be used to discover requests from a client and acknowledge requests with a client. Wireframes are a visual model of the structure of a site or application. They don't define the font, padding, color, style, etc. to be used. They are not to scale and have no tones or gradients. All of this needs to be communicated to the customer so that they understand the process and context of the wireframe being delivered in conjunction with other requirements being delivered.

A model is usually created in Photoshop. While it is based on the structure or framework of the confirmed wireframe result, it is a unique result with a specific schedule and approval process. Models or compositions define the visual style or tone of the user interface. Once accepted, models are converted into a number of additional requirements or work products, such as: B. CSS code, style guides, graphic elements, etc.

Wireframes should never be models. Models could can be used as wireframe, but this would affect any revisions that may be required and will have a significant impact on your budget.

Source: 15 years as a communication designer, UX lead, business analyst in a corporate environment that develops websites and applications.And the beloved BABOK


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