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These are the 11 best mountaineers of our time

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For these world-class alpinists, crossing dangerous ridges is like a normal day in the office.
The highest and most remote peaks in the world have long been climbed and nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to go down in the history books with your performance on the mountain. But that doesn't mean that there are no longer any challenges for modern mountaineers - on the contrary!
From several summit successes on Mount Everest to high-speed crossings over the towering mountain peaks of Patagonia - the wild record hunt in the mountains will never end.
In addition, mountaineering has a very individual meaning for many. It's about style, independence, small teams, single pushes, spectacular routes - and for some of course - all of this without additional oxygen. All over the world you can find secret heroes who repeatedly push the boundaries of what is possible, but there are also alpine legends who were torn from life far too early in the pursuit of their passion.
All of this makes it difficult to put the best mountaineers in the world in one list - but the following top mountaineers, with their impressive achievements in the mountains, definitely deserve to be mentioned here. These are the 11 best mountaineers today:
    The 36-year-old man from Nepal made it to the 14 highest peaks on earth in just over six months in 2019, which caused a sensation all over the world.
    The former Gurkha and Special Boat Service (SBS) soldier climbed Everest, Lhotse and Makalu in just 2 days and 30 minutes. For comparison: the previous record was 7 years, 11 months and 14 days.
    “International sponsors often pounce on foreign mountaineers, but Nepalese just don't get these opportunities. I hope my achievements put the country's talented mountaineers a little more in the spotlight ".