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underestimation underestimate
After a Underestimation Denmark's Sweden won the game 4-2.
Our arguments against the general Underestimation the environmental problem make you thoughtful.
Our arguments against the general underestimation of the environmental problem make people stop and think.
A Underestimation these problems would jeopardize the enlargement process.
To underestimate those difficulties would be ultimately to undermine the enlargement process.
Certainly there are many causes of Europe's problems in this culpable and conscious Underestimation to search.
Certainly, many of the reasons for the problems of Europe lie in this culpable and deliberate undervaluation.
Many MundA projects fail due to a lack of expert knowledge or the Underestimation cultural factors.
Many MundA projects fail because of lack of expertise or underestimation of cultural factors.
Well, of course it is Underestimation.
If the crack formation is thus not taken into account, this leads to a Underestimation the deformations that occur.
If the cracking is not taken into account, occurring deformations will be underestimated.
Accordingly, many acidic amino acids can accelerate the migration of a protein and a Underestimation lead to the molar mass.
Accordingly, many acidic amino acids can lead to accelerated migration of a protein and an underestimation of its molecular mass.
The abolition of independent control commissions under Stalin in 1933 was an expression of the Underestimation the ideological struggle for the way of thinking.
The elimination of independent control commissions under Stalin in 1933 expressed an underestimation of the ideological struggle over the mode of thinking.
The "permanent revolution" is not an easy one Underestimation the revolutionary possibilities of the peasant movement.
"Permanent revolution" is not a mere underestimation of the revolutionary potentialities of the peasant movement.
The Underestimation out of risk is not synonymous with a credit bubble.
It can't Underestimation of FEELING on this new level.
Underestimation the conversion effort and possible loss of know-how
A systematic occurs Underestimation which is compensated for by a calibration.
A systematic underestimation occurs. However, this is compensated for by calibration.
the Underestimation the risks of air, water and soil pollution.
In my opinion, wearing one Underestimation this threat does not help to combat it effectively, nor to increase the security of our citizens.
I believe that underestimating This threat will prevent us from fighting it effectively and increasing the security of our citizens.
Notes submitted with the final declarations of expenditure: Underestimation the error made by the Member States
Statements accompanying final expenditure declarations: underestimation of errors by Member States
But to understand these artistic processes simply as "political" would be a serious one Underestimation the situation we are in.
But to conceive of these artistic processes simply as "political" would be to seriously underestimate the situation we find ourselves in.
Official statistics for the post-Stalin era show a 12 percent decline between 1928 and 1932, which is certainly a rough one Underestimation is.
The official (post-Stalin) statistics show a fall of 12 per cent between 1928 and 1932 and this is certainly a gross underestimate.
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