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A birthday is something very special. It celebrates the day someone amazing was born. You can let the person you really care about know that he or she is your Bae. Your bae is your baby, your only one. The person you love to hang out with and who you miss when they're not around. The person you think of first when you need to call someone, text someone, or send a tweet. The person who you think about all the time and who always thinks about you. On your child's birthday, you need to remind your boyfriend or girlfriend how much he or she means to you.

Whether you are sending a birthday message the traditional way or through a text message or tweet, here are wishes that you can use.

Happy birthday Bae! | Wishes for girlfriend

  • Happy birthday Bae! You make me feel like the luckiest guy!
  • Happy birthday my girl! There is no one more beautiful than you!
  • I wish my Bae a happy birthday! You deserve it!
  • Happy Birthday! You mean a lot to me. There is no one I would call my bae!
  • Seeing your pretty face every day makes things better! Hope your special day is good!
  • Best day, see you best girl, Happy Birthday, Bae!
  • Bae, there is no one better than you! Enjoy your birthday!
  • You mean a lot to me! I wish my girl a great birthday! You are my bae!
  • Happy Birthday! There is no one like you! I am proud to call you my bae!
  • Thank you for always showing me respect! You are my girl Happy birthday Bae!

Taylor Swift Happy Birthday Bae

  • I never thought that I would meet someone like you. You make me laugh. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the smartest girl i know! Happy birthday forever!
  • & Hearts; and & hearts; Only | Romantic birthday wishes for your girlfriend.
  • I hope you know that you have me Happy birthday Bae!
  • I can't believe you're my bae! Whether luck or my talented self, Happy Birthday!
  • I hope you like to call me bae as I like to call you bae! Hope we can make your birthday very special!
  • Today I light candles for you! Happy birthday Bae!
  • I'm glad that I can call you, bae! Happy Birthday!
  • Being your bae is for the best. Happy Birthday!
  • For the only girl I ever want to be with, Happy Birthday Bae!
  • You are special to me, bae! Holding you is the best moment of the day. Happy Birthday!
  • You make me happy, bae! I look forward to spending time with you on your birthday!

Keep calm and it's your day, beautiful! Happy birthday, bae!

  • when a man loves cats
    • Bae, I hope all your wishes come true! Happy Birthday!
    • I really care about you. You are my one and only! Happy birthday Bae!
    • Happy birthday my girl! I can't wait for you to be on my arms, bae!
    • When you think of yourself as you always think of me Happy birthday Bae!
    • I know what I have! Happy birthday, bae!
    • When I look at you I know that you mean everything to me. Happy birthday Bae!
    • I wish my girlfriend, THE BAE, a happy birthday!
    • Keep calm and it's your day, beautiful! Happy birthday, bae!
    • Bae, you always put me first I want to let you know that I will always put you first. Happy Birthday!
    • This day is above all else because you are my girl! Happy birthday, bae!
    • Happy Birthday!
    • I don't just celebrate my girl today, every day. Happy birthday Bae!

    Happy birthday Bae! | Wishes for friend

    • I love it when it's your birthday, bae! I can give you presents and tell you how much you mean to me! Happy Birthday!
    • It's amazing to be able to talk to you on the phone! I love you bae! Happy Birthday!
    • I am glad you asked me. You are a great friend! Happy birthday Bae!
    • I like that you always ask me if I'm okay and text me when you know I'm not. Happy birthday to someone who really cares about me my Bae!
    • I miss you when you are not around I am always happy to see you. Congratulations to my friend, my bae!
    • To the nicest guy I've ever seen, happy birthday Bae!
    • We always have a lot to talk about and I appreciate that, bae! Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday, bae!

    • Your birthday is the ultimate time for me, bae! Happy birthday to someone who matters!
    • Bae, you take care of me. You never let me down Happy Birthday!
    • Happy Birthday my friend! You are my child because you stand out and notice when I do it. Don't be afraid to tell me how you are feeling. I love you bae!
    • Cute little thing called & hearts; | Romantic birthday wishes for your friend
    • Today I want to tell you that you are the type for me. Happy birthday, bae!
    • Bae, you make me feel safe and loved! Happy Birthday!
    • A man is someone who takes care of his girl and that's you, bae! Happy Birthday!
    • Happy birthday Bae! You are the cutest and most romantic friend in the world!
    • For the best friend a girl can have, you make me smile every time you text me! Happy Birthday!
    • You remind me of everything that is good in my life! Happy Birthday!
    • To my sweetie, bae! Happy Birthday!
    • Sitting next to you in class makes me happy! Happy birthday Bae!
    • For my darling you are the greatest! Happy Birthday!
    • To my strong friend, Happy Birthday Bae!
    • I am so glad that you are my darling! All the best today!
    • Bae, you always treat me as special. I hope it's your birthday too!
    • Blow out the candles and make a wish. I hope everything you have thought of comes true! Happy birthday Bae!
    • Your birthday is my favorite day. I love you bae!
    • This is your day Happy birthday from the girl who loves you the most!

    Happy Birthday from Ryan Gosling

    • You are my fashionably handsome man! Happy birthday Bae!
    • You always treat me well! Happy birthday my bae!
    • I want you to know that you are my man. Happy birthday Bae!
    • Thank you for listening and being there for me. Happy birthday Bae!
    • Every moment spent with you is special, bae! Happy Birthday!
    • You're unbelievable! Happy birthday Bae!
    • Wish you a happy birthday! You are the best friend forever!
    • I love to hold your hand! Happy birthday Bae!

    Happy birthday Bae!
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    Happy birthday Bae! | Short wishes for SMS and tweet

    • Roses for you! #happybaeday
    • Hello pretty! Happy Birthday!
    • To my wonderful friend. #mybaesbirthday
    • All the best, bae! #Birthday
    • Happy b-day 2 my bae !!!
    • Bae its u 4ever. Happy Birthday!
    • Dinner with my Bae! #Special day #birthday girl #love
    • Got your B-Day cake! Get ready to party!
    • Happy birthday Bae! #youdabest
    • Smile because it's your day! Happy Birthday!!!
    • Happy birthday lovely! Love ur bae!
    • Screaming Happy Birthday to my Bae!
    • What's the matter, bae! Happy Birthday!
    • Thankful 4 my girl #oneonly #herday
    • Happy Birthday! Couldn't be better asked
    • Ready 4 tonight! #Party #Mybaesday
    • Happy birthday angel! #mygirl #bae
    • B-time of day! Love you bae!
    • Birthday Bae! Love you! See you!
    • It's time! #Birthday cake #Holiday cake
    • The best day ever, #bornday #lovemybae
    • I will celebrate with you, bae #specialday

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