Can I learn SEO at home?

SEO search engine optimization - online course
with certificate

What's the use of the best website if you can't find it? In this online course you will learn the most effective measures for optimal search engine positioning. This will give you a good position in the results pages of a search query and secure the best possible promotion for your website.

You learn

  • how to design your page to make it search engine friendly,
  • how to find the right keywords for your target group and thus achieve a good position,
  • what is OnPage and OffPage optimization,
  • which tools and programs the SEO professionals use,
  • what you better not do: you want to keep the good position you achieved in the search systems.


Basic knowledge of HTML and your own website is advantageous but not necessary.

Target group:

The course is aimed at everyone who wants to attract visitors to their own pages via search engines and who want to put their own page in the top 10 of the search engine results pages (web designers, webmasters, IT specialists, marketing and PR staff).
In the online course with a certificate of participation, you will learn step by step how to optimize your own website for Google and achieve a good place in the results pages with your search terms.

Course duration and start:

You can start at any time, you determine the beginning of the course yourself. You can divide your learning times freely and you need about 40 hours to work on the course. You have three months to do this. An extension of one month is possible without additional costs.

The content:

  1. search engines, Structure and function of search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, market shares, other search services, catalogs.
  2. The leader: Googlewho have favourited Google bots, special Google search engines, PageRank, semantic search, the knowledge graph
  3. Analysis of your own website, the current state, entry in Google, backlinks, webmaster tools, ranking check, the Google Search Console
  4. SEO the optimization, Goals of your own SEO, target group focus, keyword search and analysis, strategic optimization, link building, mobile optimization, success measurement
  5. Onpage optimization , Semantic structure of HTML pages, HTML code optimization and content optimization, XML sitemap, duplicate content, images, video, PDF files optimization, dangerous factors
  6. Offpage optimization , Domain names and URL, link building, structure of the link / PageRank, sessions, URL rewriting, robots.txt, local SEO
  7. Success control, Analysis with Google, Analysis with (free / paid) tools
  8. Illicit tricks, Black Hut SEO, doorway pages (bridging pages), cloaking (agent delivery), IP delivering, bait-and-switch (switching out), automated link building, text hidding, keyword stuffing

Funding opportunities:

  • Education voucher from the Employment Agency / Job Center (AZAV)
  • Federal education bonus, federal state education check, BFD of the Federal Armed Forces
  • Discounts for schoolchildren, trainees, students, those with severe disabilities and for self-payers
  • ask us, we almost always find a way

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SEO search engine optimization
online course with certificate:

  • Practical tasks and exercises supervised by experts.
  • You will acquire extensive specialist knowledge in a short period of time.
  • Checklists, to-do lists for optimizing your own website.
  • You can print out the course material completely.
  • You will receive an answer to your questions by email within 24 hours.
  • This course is state-tested and approved, you will receive a meaningful certificate.

SEO search engine optimization

3 installments of € 132.67 each or
(One-time course price) € 398.00

Learn new skills efficiently on the Internet through courses

The possibilities of the Internet offer many advantages and have made further training possible in many specialist areas. In the course of this, we offer a large number of current courses with "Learning on the Internet" that can be used by everyone. Regardless of whether you want to learn to program in C ++ or take an SEO course, a wide range of courses are available for you, which as an online course also guarantee certified participation.

Courses in areas such as operating systems and network issues or graphics, DTP and animation are offered on our platform. But further training in programming, web design, internet or marketing is also available as such and offers not only the basics but also specific knowledge for a variety of questions in this area. This gives you the opportunity to learn professional programming in C ++, Java and PHP or to develop it further and additionally acquire new skills with the help of an SEO course and use them specifically in your areas.

Modern learning concept

Regardless of whether you are learning an SEO course or programming in C ++: With the help of our wide range of offers, you can use the advantages of the Internet through a successful and modern learning concept. With the help of an online course, professionals can acquire new knowledge without much effort and put it into practice immediately. At the beginning, a trial lesson can be used with the registration for a course in order to check your own skills and knowledge. You can use the online form to register and receive access data.

Course materials for specific areas such as search engine optimization, our SEO course or learning to program C ++ are available both online and offline. The practical thing is that our courses do not require any additional plugins or additional programs. This means that you can easily start a course using a standard browser. Participation in a course is confirmed with a certificate. The courses are state-approved and approved. You can get in touch and exchange ideas with other course participants. The course documents can be printed out and edited regardless of location. The flexibility to learn new knowledge from home ensures that you can achieve far greater flexibility in your job with your newly acquired knowledge.

Use financial support - Various funding programs are available here.

Job centers and employment agencies support participation in our SEO course and all other courses and guarantee the acceptance of education vouchers through our certification. Alternatively, you can get funding for individual professional development measures with the help of the federal education bonus. With the flexibility to acquire knowledge online and at the same time take advantage of financial support from the state, you have the opportunity to receive certified professional training.

SEO search engine optimization

3 installments of € 132.67 each or
(One-time course price) € 398.00