How does Opta Sports collect the data

Become a game analyst at Opta!

Our partner Opta, which in Germany collects data from the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga with more than 50 permanent and freelance employees, including for the German Football League, is looking for employees on a € 450 basis.

Football is our great passion - yours too? We collect all statistical data for more than 60,000 events per year and prepare them for editorial and multimedia purposes.

Opta Sport Daten AG has developed many interesting products around this data, which are already used today by TV broadcasters, newspapers, sponsors, associations and many clubs. We are looking for you to further expand this interesting business area.

For football enthusiasts looking for a part-time job in Munich-Unterföhring: We are now looking for employees on a € 450 basis to collect data from live games in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, working hours, especially on weekends. There is also the possibility of working on account.

What you should bring with you:

  • Excellent knowledge of national and international football
  • Great passion for football
  • Excellent understanding of the game and a high level of comprehension
  • Ability to work quickly in live games even under time pressure
  • Direct recognition of game situations and an eye for detail
  • Good computer and English skills are advantageous
  • The presence in our rooms in Unterföhring is a prerequisite


In order to guarantee error-free live data acquisition, the acquisition tool must first be familiarized with. The duration of this training varies from person to person.

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Opta Sport Data AG

Philipp Obloch

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Tel .: 089/2000 14 316

About Opta Sport Daten AG

The Opta Group with around 150 permanent employees in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, USA and Uruguay collects and processes sports data from more than 60,000 events annually from over 30 sports from 70 countries. Since it was founded in 1996, Opta has built one of the largest sports databases in the world.

Information and editorial content relating to TV reporting is prepared for the Sky broadcaster. Opta also offers print media as well as internet and mobile applications products such as live tickers and graphics. Opta customers also include football leagues, clubs, sports sponsors and betting providers.

As the world's leading service provider for sports data, Opta has been part of the sports and media group PERFORM, one of the trend-setting global companies in the marketing of multimedia sports content on digital platforms, since July 2013. By combining production as well as technical and commercial solutions, millions of sports fans around the world are reached via a variety of digital display formats.