What are cloves of garlic

Preparation: Work the garlic

In this article about the processing of garlic describes the peeling and chopping of these plant bulbs.

To increase the flavoring effect of garlic, it is crushed using various methods. To do this, the garlic bulb must first be divided into several garlic cloves and these must be peeled.

Split garlic bulb [edit]

The garlic bulb is surrounded by a multilayered, thin, white or reddish shell. In this is a main toe, which forms the central axis of the onion and from which a round stem protrudes. It is surrounded by up to 20 toes in a ring. You usually only divide the onion as much as you need onions for seasoning. For this purpose, the shell is scratched at one point on the onion above the space between two toes, which can be recognized from the outside by the surface curvature of the shell, but can also be felt. The sheath is removed over two or three toes and the required toes are broken off from the top to the outside of the main toe.

Peel garlic cloves

There are numerous commercially available kitchen utensils that are designed to make it easier to peel garlic. There are many other options without devices that allow the garlic cloves to be peeled quickly and easily.

  • Nevertheless (for the sake of completeness):
Garlic can be worked with a garlic peeler (approx. 2 €). This is a piece of silicone tube into which you put the garlic cloves and which is then rolled over the worktop while applying slight pressure. After a short time, the garlic and casing will separate.
Separate the shell of the garlic clove from the inside with a knife, especially with fresh garlic.
Put the wide chef's knife on your toes and press on it with your hand. The bowl can then be easily removed.
Cut off the two ends of the garlic clove (s) and rub the clove (s) between the palms of your hands with light pressure. Then the cover comes off.
  • The simplest, fastest, most expensive and most comfortable solution:
Heat the individual cloves of garlic in a bowl with a little water in the microwave over full heat for about 10–20 seconds so that the peel is moist and soft. The toes can then be easily pushed out of the cover when they are warm and do not lose any of their taste.

Chop up garlic cloves

  • If you only want a light garlic aroma in your dish: Cut the peeled cloves in half with the knife, let them cook with the food and remove them from the dish shortly before the end of the cooking time.
  • You cut or chop the garlic with a sharp knife. If you want the garlic to be even finer, you can grind the chopped garlic with coarse sea salt and the broad side of the chef's knife. The salt avoids oxidation.

Devices [edit]

  • A garlic press can be used to crush the garlic. In some garlic presses, the garlic can even be pressed with the peel. However, it should be noted that another device must then be cleaned after use.
  • Garlic cutter

Tip [edit]

  • To avoid oxidation, add the garlic to the dish just before consumption or cooking.

Edit pictures]

  • Garlic cloves, halved with the seedling inside