What's so good about Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno, Claremore

Yesterday ... we wanted the Brands Hatch Chilis Quesadilla ... have one for my husband and one for myself ... have chicken and cheese ... we actually didn't "see" any of the chillies in our quesadillas .. my husband might just find brands ... hatch chillies "flavor" was what was intended. He said his had a slight smokey chilli flavor. I wasn't sure how it was supposed to taste; however, I noticed the cheddar flavor of the cheese more than anything. Neither of us were impressed enough and will want to order this item again. Purchased only one voucher per transaction, so our meal with two transactions. Surplus value would have to be acquired; but the idea of ​​more than two separate transactions for analytical calculations additional coupons seemed pretty stupid and more of a problem so unused coupons (last day before expired) with checkout for other restaurant guests. I like Taco Bueno's tortilla soup when it's available - really tasty and sufficient on cool / cold days. Several things like on Taco Bueno menu ... and nice wait staff will replace dry chips (that seems to be an occasional problem over the years, no matter which Taco Bueno we visit). Grateful for the coupons to try new things ... plus they so help the budget! I mostly share the coupons with nieces and nephews in college - they eat at Taco Bueno more often than we do