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Rajkiya Engineering College, Mainpuri - Rajkiya Engineering College, Mainpuri

The Rajkiya Engineering College, Mainpuri or REC Mainpuri , is a state engineering school in Mainpuri. It is a constituent university of the Technical University of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (formerly Uttar Pradesh University of Technology) in Lucknow. The institute started its journey from HBTI now HBTU to Kanpur in 2015 and studied in Kanpur for 2 years. Its temporary campus is located in HBTU Kanpur. There is no residence agreement for students who are now working on their own residential campus. The institute has its own campus with separate dormitories for 2 boys and 1 girl. During its inception, the Institute was headed by the Director of HBTI (now HBTU), who previously served as Director of REC Mainpuri and REC Kannauj, but all executive powers were in the hands of Nodal Officer. The first and only nodal officer of REC Mainpuri was Dr. Pradeep Kumar, who was also the project manager of REC Mainpuri after the post of Nodal Officer and Principal was dissolved and all executive power fell directly into the hands of the director.


The college has various hostels for boys and girls. There is currently a girls 'hostel with a capacity of 180 students and a boys' hostel with a capacity of 180 students each, but the total number of students is 754. Each hostel is equipped with restaurants, electricity and water. There are plans to set up generators to provide power to the hostels during a power outage (not yet completed). The third boys' home will be built in phase 2 of the building plan. The construction work is in full swing and all necessary facilities will be made available in the coming years.


The institute has the following academic departments

1) Faculty of Civil Engineering

2) Faculty of Electrical Engineering

3) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

4) Department of Applied Sciences

5) workshop

6) Central Library


  • Civil Engineering * (Entrance 63)
  • Mechanical engineering * (inlet 63)
  • Electrical engineering * (entrance 63)


Rajkiya Engineering College, Mainpuri currently 180 students through UPSEE under the direction of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University, Lucknow. By that year, the college was admitting 12 students straight to the 2nd year of B. Tech through side entrance exams administered by the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam were carried out.

Cultural festivals and sports meetings

First Batch (2K15) civil engineering under event coordinators of B.Tech (construction) students had organized the first FEST of the Government Engineering College (HBTI Campus) and it was held on 08/14. In the auditorium of HBTU Kanpur called ABHINANDAN-15/2016 and later it becomes the annual welcome / freshener party.

ABHINANDAN'16 at RECM This festival was organized to welcome the newly admitted students of REC Mainpuri. ABHINANDAN (Fresher's Party) and RECM Sports Meet (Annual Sports Meet) have already been organized for 2017-18 and more will follow.

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