What is the future of electrical engineering

Looking forward to the future with excitement

When Timo's family is together, energy and electronics can be hotly debated. Timo as well as his brother and father are electronics technicians. When it came time to decide which career path Timo should take after graduating from high school, there were no doubts for him. “I'm just a bit burdened by my family,” says Timo and laughs. It was very clear that he would choose electrical engineering. “My absolute wish,” confirms the 26-year-old.

Arrived in the dream job

Many of his classmates decided to do an apprenticeship after leaving school. Timo also chose dual training. In BERUFENET he found out about various professions in this area. He was quickly successful in finding an apprenticeship position. The JOBBÖRSE also helped him with this.

Timo completed his apprenticeship as an electronics technician for automation technology at Aurubis AG. There he learned, among other things, how to install, adjust, program, measure and test computer-controlled systems. “A really exciting job,” he confirms enthusiastically. And demanding. Finally, you set up complex, computer-controlled industrial systems and ensure that the entire system works together.

Mastering new challenges in your studies

The company encouraged Timo's commitment and offered him a dual course of study in the form of a scholarship. “I finished my training relatively easily and prematurely,” he reports. "I wanted to continue my education and the new challenge came at the right time!"

“I had very good foundations and was able to build on them. Above all, my perseverance paid off! "

Timo decided on the dual study program “Regenerative Energy Systems and Energy Management, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology” in the form of a practice-integrated variant, in which he works in the company during the lecture-free period. Studying now meant a completely different rhythm. Attend lectures, study and work during the lecture-free period. “I couldn't be lazy,” he says. Due to his education, however, he has very good basic knowledge. "You simply have a better understanding of the topic and can build on your practical knowledge," says Timo.

Timo wasn't one of the best at school. “I just couldn't motivate myself for some subjects,” he admits. It is completely different in studies. "I am committed because I can learn in a more targeted manner."

Commitment pays off

The effort has paid off: Timo is happy that he decided to study. After completing his bachelor's thesis, he would like to return to his training company and take on new tasks there. It is important to first gain professional experience. However, he does not want to "stand still". "Maybe I will still do my master's degree!"