When did you realize your own strength

Design basics

How many people are admitted per course?

Maximum of 24 people


When will I find out whether I have been admitted to the course?

You will be informed immediately after the Creative Day whether you can register.


Am I officially a student? Do I get a student ID?

No, since it is a course and not a degree, there are no student IDs.


What do real practical projects look like?

Business companies, as well as non-profit institutions or associations, contact the Werbe Akademie with projects relating to advertising and marketing issues. The students are briefed by the client, draft concepts and develop ideas for implementation. After the project has been worked out, all projects are presented in a pitch and a jury decides who has implemented the project best. These ideas are often put into practice.


Which PCs / computers are you working on?

The modern and practical computer workstations are equipped with scanners, color and black and white laser printers.


What software is used?

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Do I need my own access to the computer programs?

A separate access is not absolutely necessary. The computers in the Werbe Akademie can also be used outside of the course times during the opening hours of the house.


Do you have to attend the course?

Yes. a maximum absence limit of 25% per semester may not be exceeded.


What if I am absent more than 25% of the time?

Then unfortunately you cannot advance to the next semester and a degree is not possible.