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Counselor for the man | That's how the woman ticks

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th - in other words: These 24 hours belong entirely to the women of this world!

Translation aid for the lords of creation: That means, today there are no stupid jokes about parking (you can leave the rest of the year too, by the way!) And no whining about that Sex and The City-Marathon that women can wish for today.

And all the superfluous questions that seem to be inherited on the Y chromosome (Do you really need these shoes? Why are you on the phone again? What's so great about Robbie Williams?) - please just leave it in place! does not want the men to be completely in the dark on this day - and explains to the unsuspecting one exactly what makes women tick.

So if you are a man: Read more!

And if you are a woman: Read more! So that you understand why your husband doesn't always understand you.

Why woman laughs:

Why woman cries:

Why women get angry:

Why woman is afraid:

Why woman is happy:

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