Is it taboo to be transgender?

LGBTQ Transsexuality, transgender, transidentity living - what does that mean?

Transgender - what does that mean?

Transgender people are people who do not - or not only - identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

The terms transsexuality, transgender or transidentity are mostly used synonymously and describe the condition when one's own gender identity does not match the biological sex of birth.

The gender role is not only defined by sexuality, but by the whole personality of the person. Transgender people primarily want to be socially accepted as belonging to the opposite sex. A gender reassignment that has taken place or is being sought is not necessarily associated with this.

The number of surgical sex reassignments is increasing

But the desire to live as a man or woman biologically is cherished by more than one thinks. This shows, among other things, the number of surgically performed sex reassignments in Germany.

According to Statista, "only" 883 people underwent an operation in 2012 in order to live sexually as the opposite sex. In 2019 there were already 2,324 people who made this decision.

Social and legal barriers

The figures show that society is becoming a little more open. Nevertheless, it is still difficult for many people to socially or sexually change the sex "assigned" at birth.

The guidelines of the health insurance companies do not make it any easier: As before, two independent medical reports confirming transsexuality are necessary so that the health insurance company pays the costs for an operative sex change as a "medically necessary measure".

MDR podcast "Breaking taboos": Transgender

An episode of the podcast "Tabubruch" by "MDR aktuell" is dedicated to the topic of trans identity. Christian * e lived as a man for five decades, although she has always felt at home as a woman and in the gender of her birth. Nevertheless, Christian * e was married for over twenty years and had two children with her wife.

She recently started living as a woman. But the way there was anything but easy. Many people around them still see Christian * e as a man, although she dresses as a woman. She has not yet followed the path of sex reassignment and may never do so. Her great wish: to be socially accepted as a woman.