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New glasses - blurry in one eye

Contribution from Fluffyman »Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:54 pm

Good evening,

I received new glasses on Friday, I see a little better in my left eye but much worse in my right eye than with the old glasses. Everything is a bit blurry, if I open both eyes at the same time, my left eye balances it out pretty much, but it's exhausting, after around 1 hour I have to take off the glasses because I get eyes / headaches. I also feel weird when I have my right eye open, as if I had often spun in circles. If I only use the left eye, everything is fine.

Here are the values ​​of the old glasses:

R: -6.25 -2.25 177 ° H23.0
L: -6.25 -2.00 170 ° H23.0

The new glasses:

R: F -6.75 -1.00 173 ° H 16.00
L: F -6.50 -2.25 174 ° H 16.00

I've had glasses since elementary school; I got my old one 2-3 years ago. I had the new one made for me at the age of 19. For 5-6 years my eyes have "only" worsened by around one diopter, so far I have never paid attention to the other values.

I am surprised that my cylinder value should have changed so much now? As you can see, my eyes have been almost equally good / bad in all values ​​so far. Could it be that my optician made a mistake with the new cylinder value and wanted to write -2.00 instead of -1.00?

Or do I have to wear the glasses longer so that my eye can surround itself? Actually, I can't believe that, because my vision is blurred and headaches don't seem normal to me, of course I don't know.

I hope you can help me, man and I was so looking forward to my glasses