What is beyond the 5 senses

Beyond the five senses

Experiences, contacts and new theories (Edition Thanatos # 2)

• The prospect of a life in the hereafter receives new confirmation from the near-death experiences documented around the world. Near death many people experience unexpected insights into worlds that are "beyond the five senses", even if their EEG already shows a zero line.

Did near-death people actually take a step into the hereafter? Does the soul continue to live in the light, in heavenly regions, after physical death? Or does this old concept fundamentally contradict scientific knowledge? And how do near-death experiences fit in with religious traditions that speak of experiences of sadness, of judgment, of purgatory or of the need to earn redemption and eternal life before God?

Near-death experiences, post-death contacts, instrumental transcommunication, media messages, flower seances ... personal experiences and ideological considerations. This book gives insights into the world "beyond the five senses".

Contents overview
1. Under the spell of materialism
2. Fascination "near death experience"
3. Contacts after death - a taboo on the move
4. Premonitions of death, light phenomena, stopped clocks and bird phenomena
5. The New Physics or: Love, the light in life
6. Quantum philosophy and the search for "otherworldly dimensions"
7. If there is an afterlife ...
8. On the trail of the spirit
9. Earthbound
10. Beyond qualities
11. And the light of the near-death experience?
12. NDE: Only obstetrics for the afterlife?
13. The call of light and love
14. A personal résumé

1st edition 2020, e-book

Author: Werner Huemer
Cover: Heike Sucky
Huemer Mediaverlag, Eggersdorf, ISBN: 978-3-902418-17-3

Available through iBooks and Amazon KDP.