As a beginner, I can run every day

Beginners should run or walk every day!

Once is not once. Twice is shape retention. Training three times a week serves to build up performance. Three to four times is optimal. But it really doesn't have to be more than that. This is the general recommendation for the running campus for the frequency of the weekly endurance training. Yes, from a certain level of experience these rules may be correct, but for beginners, even for absolute newcomers to walking, the motto must be different:

Walk or run every day!

Every day? As a beginner? Why is that? You may ask yourself. Well, the hardest thing about walking is rescuing the new will into the second month. And daily walking can be helpful here.

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Many who have already started walking or running can tell a song about it. There was an initial spark, the holy oath on New Year's Eve, the girlfriend invited to a running meeting, or the scales signaled “That's enough!” They jumped into the old sports shoes and began a new, sporty life. You ran for 20 minutes, the sweat was running down your cheeks and with a bright red head - but happy - you returned home. The difficult beginning was made. The next day took you to a sports shop, new shoes were needed, maybe a heart rate monitor. From now on you no longer had an alibi. They walked the next time the next day, then three more times the next week. You wanted to stay with that. Two days off, one day of walking. Or maybe a three-day break? After all, the last time you walked was a little faster than usual and, according to the Laufcampus method, regeneration is an important training component ...

It happened the way it had to. A business trip extended the training break, a short vacation with sightseeing came in between - you are really on your feet enough then - and the three days of walking break became a whole week and the way to the next training session became increasingly difficult. Actually, you didn't really feel like it anymore and when you got home from work it was already dark. This or a similar thing happens to four out of five beginners running and walking. This number was once dated Allensbach market research institute confirms the fact that a good 16 million people in Germany said they walked, of which only 3 to 4 million actually do so several times a week. The other 12 to 13 million can tell stories like the one before.

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How to become an "endurance runner"

But how do you become a true endurance runner, what is the recipe for success? The solution is simple: As a beginner, you should run or walk every day! Everything that a person does daily for at least four weeks becomes part of his flesh and blood. He's getting used to it. He does it without thinking twice, he just needs it. Perhaps an unusual example from another, also very human, area. A person with irregular bowel movements who at some point starts to sit on the toilet every day after breakfast will soon have to always have to go in the morning. The organism gets used to it, it obeys the commands of the will. And that's how it will happen to you as a beginner. Stand the sports shoes right next to the bed. Walk for 40 minutes each morning after you wake up. In one go or with walking breaks, on the treadmill or outside, it doesn't matter. The main thing is to do it slowly, without breathing, but every day. You will feel it, you will soon need the daily endurance sport, you need the daily oxygen shower, a desire develops because you simply feel fitter - after walking. And if you manage to walk for four weeks every day, you will never stop again, even if you take a break for a day or two later. Running every day is also the fastest way to become a top fat burner.

What is stopping you? Here we go! It is best to start right away with one of the running campus potential analyzes and find out what you are really made of.

Have fun with it,

Yours Andreas Butz

About the author

My name is Andreas Butz (Born 1965). I have been running with great enthusiasm for many years, have run well over 100 marathons and in the fortunate situation of having turned my hobby into a career in 2001. I write books, publish training plans, organize running camps and train running coaches in the running campus method with the running campus academy.

You can also find me on Facebook, where I regularly hold open coaching hours where you can participate live, listen and of course ask questions. And if you would like to run with me, come to our running campus running camps on Mallorca and in Switzerland.

I can tell you a thing or two about that. I went from 120 kilos to 104 after 5 months, despite an injury break. I now run 7 km. And, I need it like the flower needs light
I see it exactly as described, even in the story mentioned above, everything that comes in between is unplanned, I find myself again.

I started jogging years ago, the will was there.
I smoked about 35 cigarettes a day and couldn't build up my stamina, it was pure agony. I stopped walking.

I told myself that as soon as you quit smoking you will run. By the way, the story is from me here (

Then suddenly everything came together. Not smoking,
25 kg too much, I had broken my foot in a very complicated way the previous year and I swore to myself that if I could walk again without problems, I would also want to use my body properly. For a few months I was allowed to fear whether I would ever walk again without walking difficulties or hobble, walk in silence (at the age of 30). And so it should be. My brother-in-law (PE teacher) ran with me a few times. I noticed for the first time what a huge difference it is not to smoke, and for the first time I was able to draw endurance from my exertion. What happened? My nephew was born and he quit. Me with him, first of all. I looked for a new jogging partner and I was satisfied that I didn't just give up, but kept going.
My new jogging partner was also absent, every now and then for 2 weeks. At first I also stopped jogging alone? But at some point I got the ambition and anyway the knowledge that if you want something, you should never, never, never make yourself dependent on others. So I ran, first 2 times, then 3 times, this week it was the first time 5 times. And I learned a lot from it, for all other areas of life, about willpower. Procrastination and that you just achieve anything when you stop investing the energy in "I can't", "I don't want" and just do it. Honest. Only recently, in 2 days, I learned material for my job, which I have been putting off in front of me for years and half-heartedly learned the most essential things. My ambition is awakened. It's a kind of personal development and it all starts with inconspicuous jogging!
Your contribution motivated me extremely.
Keep it up :)