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Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines chart creation, data visualization, and collaboration among colleagues. With the help of Lucidchart, you can accelerate your communication and increase innovation.

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  • Charts for data visualization, teamwork, teaching, and more

    Whether in the classroom, conference room or in data processing - with the right diagram you ensure that everything that is important reaches your target group. With our powerful diagram software, you can create effective flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams and many other visualization aids in no time at all. This enables you to organize important information, present complex issues in a generally understandable manner and turn ideas into action.

  • Use shapes and templates to personalize your diagram

    With our diagram tool, users can design graphics according to their own ideas and requirements. With the easy-to-use darg-and-drop function, you can drag shapes onto the blank canvas to create your diagram. Alternatively, you can also select a diagram-specific template and then adapt it as you wish. In our shape libraries you will find a wide selection of industry-standard shapes that you can use to design your diagram according to your exact requirements. Use different formatting options and motifs for further customization, or upload images directly to your diagram.

  • Collaboration - faster and easier than ever

    Cooperation works best when it takes place regularly and as a matter of course. Editing and sharing diagrams is easy with our online diagram software. Several team members can work on the same document at the same time, regardless of whether they are in the same room or in different time zones. Changes are updated in real time and are visible to everyone. When you're ready to share your diagram with others, you can send it to specific recipients or embed it on a website or collaboration platform (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Slack) with just a few clicks.

  • Presentation mode: This is how your work comes into its own

    With the integrated presentation mode, you can easily present your diagram to colleagues, classmates or other team members. The presentation mode is compatible with all common devices and ensures a seamless transition from your work surface to the razor-sharp screen projection. During the presentation, you can enlarge individual areas of your diagram to show certain shapes or text more precisely. When you exit the presentation mode, the workspace is displayed again so that you can share or edit your diagram as usual.

  • Powerful Lucidchart add-ons for G Suite

    The versatile G Suite integrations in Lucidchart open up completely new possibilities for you to share, open and save diagrams. With our powerful add-ons, you can insert charts directly into Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. This allows text-heavy documents to be loosened up and information to be conveyed clearly. Integration with Google Drive makes it easy to sync, backup, share, and view Lucidchart diagrams right in your document.

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Choosing the appropriate chart type

Think about which diagram is best for illustrating your ideas. Then open an empty canvas. If you want it to be quick, it's best to choose a template from our template gallery.


Add shapes to charts

With the "drag and drop" function you can drag objects onto your work surface. You can move, rotate, reduce or enlarge individual shapes by clicking on them.


Connect shapes

If you want to connect two shapes, all you have to do is click the red node on one shape and draw a line to another shape. You can add text by double-clicking the lines. Various formatting options are available on the property bar.


Format diagrams

By fine-tuning the layout, changing the fill colors and borders of your shapes and adjusting the lines, you can give your diagrams a completely different look.


Collaborate, analyze, optimize, share

Share your diagram with other users in your own team or company to exchange ideas, solve problems together and decide on points of action.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our diagram tool

What types of charts can I create in Lucidchart?

You can create a variety of diagrams with Lucidchart. From simple flowcharts, flowcharts or Venn diagrams to complex ER models, UML diagrams, network plans and many other common types of diagrams.

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How do I create my first diagram in Lucidchart?

Lucidchart's tools are a quick way to create your first diagram. You can either open an empty workspace and add the shapes one by one - or you can select a template which you can then fill with your data or adapt.

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Does Lucidchart provide samples and templates of different types of diagrams?

Yes, lots of it. Our template gallery has examples of all the types of diagrams you can create with Lucidchart: flow and network diagrams, ER diagrams, and more.

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