What's your favorite movie for kids from the 80s?

12 classic movies from the 80s that critics hate but we love!

As children, we had little or no understanding of what was critically acclaimed or popular in the world of film. We just liked what we liked, what we didn't like, we didn't like what we liked, and that's that. If we had favorite films, we would watch them so often that the cassette gave up the ghost. Here is a list of 12 films that we - as kids of the 80s - thought were absolutely great, but which critics only ridiculed!

# 1 "Flashdance"

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“Flashdance” has a score of 39 out of 100 on the film review page “Metacritic” - due to the “generally unfavorable reviews”. In fact, both the studio and the director believed the film was going to do badly, but it became a box office hit and grossed more than $ 100 million worldwide.

# 2 "Ghostbusters II"

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We admit that "Ghostbusters II" is far inferior to the classic original, but we love it nonetheless. Even though it was “dimmed down” a little to appeal to an even younger audience.

# 3 "Darling, I've shrunk the kids"

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How, only 63 out of 100 possible points? That can not be true! Anyway, we still love the film and would also like to make friends with ants. Take this, you artificers!

# 4 "hook"

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Even its director Steven Spielberg doesn't like “Hook” - the iconic director recently said in an interview: “I still don't like this movie. I hope that I will see him again one day and maybe like at least part of it ”. The critics saw it exactly and gave him an average score of 52 out of 100 on "Metacritic". Are we the only ones who think Hook is an all-time kid classic?

# 5 "The journey into the labyrinth"

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Not only was the film torn apart by the critics, but the general public wasn't exactly thrilled either. "The Journey into the Labyrinth" brought in only $ 12.9 million in the US. However, it gained cult status in the years that followed and gained a wide following. You sure love him too, right?

# 6 "Santa Clause: A nice present"

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It may not be the best film in the world, but we don't understand why the critics have to put it down like that. The memory that Santa Claus pulled off the "Super Duper Looper" makes our hearts beat faster.

# 7 "Number 5 is alive"

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With 50 out of 100 points on "Metacritic" it is clear that the critics didn't exactly celebrate the 1986 film. However, we have incredibly fond memories of this heartwarming story about a military robot struck by lightning. Johnny 5 is still alive!

# 8 "Splash - A maiden on the hook"

While Splash is one of the highest rated films on this list with 71 lukewarm points, we know that many of you consider it an all-time classic rather than a film that is just "pretty good."

# 9 "Teenwolf"

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Many were not convinced that "Teen Wolf" with Michael J. Fox in the lead role would be a success. In Brazil it was renamed “Garoto do Futuro” (Boy From The Future) to capitalize on the success of “Back to the Future”.

# 10 "The Neverending Story"

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Can you believe that “The Neverending Story” has only 46 points out of 100 at Metacritic? We consider this one of the greatest fantasy films of our childhood and we know we are not alone!

# 11 "Turner and Huutsch"

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We can't understand why this film scores a measly 36 out of 100 at Metacritic. What can you please dislike about a movie in which multiple Oscar winner Tom Hanks teams up with a dog?

# 12 "L.I.S.A. - pure madness "

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Another film that was completely panned by critics, but which we children of the 80s remember fondly, is “L.I.S.A. - pure madness ”. It was written and directed by John Hughes - the man who gave us “Ferris goes blue”!

What's your favorite '80s movie that critics turn up their noses at? Tell us in the comments!