What tools do Scrum Masters use

Scrum Master: Mediator for agile teams

Before the question of how to become a Scrum Master, one should first clarify who is actually suitable for it. Certain character traits make one more likely than others to be a Scrum Master. For example, there is a high sense of responsibility necessary: ​​Scrum Masters cannot hide. That also means they neither conflict nor afraid of people may be. After all, a Scrum Master has to deal with people around the clock - and these interactions can also be full of conflict.

In addition to such soft skills, there are also certificates that can be acquired: In a Scrum Master training course, which usually lasts two days, you learn the basics of Scrum as well as techniques on how to work successfully as a Scrum Master with a team . Two official certificates compete with each other. Interested parties can either take part in a Scrum Master training according to the specifications of Scrum.org or the Scrum Alliance complete. After the course you can either Professional Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Master call.

There is disagreement about how important Expertise is in the area in which the team works. In the early days of Scrum, this question did not even arise: The first Scrum Masters were probably software developers who received further training. Thus, the specialist knowledge was given from the start. But now Scrum is used in so many companies that there are many career changers and the job is more like the career of a coach who supports a team. However, many still hold the opinion that a Scrum Master Professional experience from the specialist area should bring. Others believe that it is much more important that the Scrum Master is an absolute Expert in the Scrum method is.