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Salesforce - Useful apps for more productivity

The CRM provider Salesforce presented a platform for apps at its annual in-house exhibition Dreamforce in 2013, with which new functions can be added to the Salesforce CRM system. The principle is similar to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Market for Android.

You can search the marketplace for suitable apps at So far, there are more than 2,600 apps to be found there, which makes the range a bit confusing. The marketplace offers a sorting according to "popular", "new" or "free" and various categories such as "sales", "customer service" or marketing ", but even then it is still difficult to pick and choose from the huge range We have therefore fished out the top 5 must-haves and presented their benefits.

Adobe EchoSign

Especially in the B2B area, where contracts can be emailed to the customer from the CRM system with just a few clicks, it makes sense not to interrupt the digital processing chain with analog behavior such as a handwritten signature. With EchoSign Global Electronic Signature Service for Salesforce, the signature can also be regulated electronically. This means that contracts should be wrapped up within a few days or maybe even a few hours.

In order to use this add-on sensibly, you first define a corresponding workflow and determine the signature modalities: Who is allowed to sign? Up to what sales amount? The software pulls the customer data from Salesforce into the contract documents and adds the signature from EchoSign.

A sales representative can either put his signature digitally under the document directly at the customer's site via EchoSign, with the advantage that a printer is no longer necessary. Or the sales representative forwards the contract to his superior for approval. The boss can therefore approve the contract within a very short time. The process can be carried out on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The customer in turn can print out the contract and sign it by hand or also digitally sign it and send it back in a legally valid manner. You will then find the contracts in the "Opportunities", that is, your sales opportunities in the Salesforce sales module - until the opportunity becomes a purchase. In addition, it is possible to analyze to the minute how long it took to conclude the contract.

Customers are currently complaining about two small and one big shortcoming: Unfortunately, it is not possible to set an exact deadline with date and time until when the contract is valid, but only a deadline of xx days. And: contracts that have been changed again cannot be deleted from the system. In addition, many users complain in the reviews about poor support from Adobe.

Price: two-week free trial. Price on request.

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