What was your first email about?

write e-mailsRules for emailing customers

The subject is a crucial element. If the subject is poorly chosen, the reader will probably not open at all or with a delay. Even the layperson must be able to recognize at first glance what it is about.

Readable subject

Negative example: "PPCORE.DLL wrong version [MS038]". The customer cannot see that this is about solving a PowerPoint problem and not about a SPAM email. The translation of the subject in "Your PowerPoint crash request - ticket no [3234]" is much more readable and tells the customer what it is about.

Customize subject

Avoid endless chains of response characteristics with RE / AW in the subject. Again, this is only really helpful when replying for the first time, after which the writer can think of a new subject to give the recipient a hint about the new content. The subject can be adjusted for this purpose. The "Re: AW: Re (2) PowerPoint wrong version" can become: "New suggested solution for your PowerPoint crash".

Omit ticket number

The ticket number is often included in the subject at the beginning so that an answer can quickly be assigned to the corresponding ticket in the company. But the ticket number is completely unimportant for the reader, i.e. the customer. Many ticket systems can now read the ticket number from the e-mail text, so it can also be under the signature.