Wall putty is necessary

Wall putty: everything you need to know before painting a house

What is Mauer Putty?

Wall putty is a well-known term used for a material with high plasticity that is very similar in texture to clay or dough and is typically used in domestic construction as a primer, to paint or protective undercoat, as well as a sealant or primer Filler.

Why should I use Wall Putty?

When painting for your own home, the question that will always pop up in your mind is, "why putty is required before the paint? It is the paint that gives the house ultimate decor, aesthetics, and beauty. People spend lavishly on that." House painting. They choose high quality and expensive varnishes for their house so that the house looks attractive-light, flat and smooth for a long time. However, even after using expensive varnishes, one is not satisfied with their painting. Various problems can also arise after application expensive paints come and your wall may look uneven with the following defects:

  • Hair cracks and pin holes on walls
  • Moisture on the wall
  • Uneven and rough cement plaster on the wall
  • Cracking due to aging of the walls
  • Discolored spots
  • Efflorescence on walls
  • Flaking of color
  • Peeling paint

The application of putty takes care of all of the painting defects / problems mentioned above. It fills the hairline cracks and pinholes on the walls. The surface finish, if uneven is improved by defective plaster, is improved. It bonds well with both the substrate and surfaces like plaster of paris and of course with paint.

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The above defects make your house walls ugly, dull, and uneven. So you need to identify all of these problems on your wall first before you start painting your home.

Wall putty will take care of all of the above defects / issues. It will fill in minor cracks and surface imperfections. Applying wall putty before applying paint will help you achieve smooth, leveled, finished and stunning surfaces for all types of paint.

Uses Putty On Wall Save The Cost Of Painting?

Wall putty is a great base for concrete / cement plastered walls and ceilings. It offers water-resistant quality. Since the application of putty provides a smooth surface for paint, it increases the paint's covering capacity. The putty reduces the paint consumption and thus the total cost of painting is reduced and also increases the life of the paint. It also allows expensive paint to last a few years. Hence, it definitely saves the cost of painting.

Types of putty on the market:

There are different types of putty on the market based on different purposes such as for interior and exterior walls for damp wall etc. Basically wall putty is divided into two types:

01 Acrylic wall putty

02. Cement-based putty

Thickness of the wall putty:

The total thickness of two putty knots should be a maximum of 1.5 mm. Uneven thickness due to unskilled use can cause problems.

It is therefore very important to adjust wall putty before painting, as good paintwork will keep you in a good mood which will lead you to happiness.

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