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Unofficial: About the totemic religion of the north

The gods are cyclical like the world. There are the dead gods who fought and died to bring about the new cycle, the hearth gods who watch over the current cycle, the examining gods who threaten the hearth and are therefore watched, and the twilight gods who initiate the new cycle . It is said that the end of the cycle is preceded by the Dragonborn God, a god who did not exist in the previous cycle, but whose presence means that the present one is drawing to a close.

The dead gods

Dead gods don't need temples. You have Sovngarde, the greatest of them all. Northern heroes and wise men constantly visit the underworld. They wear a symbol to show this, which earns them great respect.

  • The fox - Shor
  • The bear - tsun

The stove gods

The hearth gods have temples that correspond to their essence. Kynes are built on mountain tops, maras are the halls of great witches, dibellas are the halls of great wives. The temples are not like those of the imperial ones, since they are hearth gods, they are always the home of someone and the highest-ranking woman in this house is de facto their high priestess.

The examining gods

The Examining Gods have no real temples - they are favored on battlefields or in other places where they have created considerable trouble. The Nords understand that Daedric temples are something completely different and consider them to be as much a waste of time as the formalized religion of the Nine Divines of Cyrodiil.

  • The man from the woods, Herma Mora

The twilight gods

The twilight gods don't need temples. When they show up there is no more reason to erect them, let alone use them - another waste of time. That being said, they are respected by the Nords as they always revere the Cycles of Things, and especially the Last War, in which they will prove their greatest and ultimate worth.

Alduin is worshiped on the winter solstice with ceremonies in ancient temples of the dragon cult, with sacrifices being made so that he can sleep for another year. Alduin is the reason for many of the well-known superstitious practices before major events.

  • The dragon's blood god, Talos

Talos ’totem is the youngest, but it is everywhere - he is the Conquering Son of the Dragonborn, the first new god of this cycle, whose power is therefore still unknown. Since he could very well be the god of it now, the Nords bless almost everything with this totem. Yes, this practice may seem contradictory to the first of the twilight gods, but that's only because he will be the only one of all gods to fully survive into the next cycle.

North perspective on the imperial religion

The Eight Divines are viewed by the North as a “southern” import. They retain something of the stain of the Alessian Order and are essentially considered a religion for foreigners. Their gods are all well and good, but north need north gods.

Some of the gods are the same (or similar) - significantly, these are the three female gods, who are far more important for the Nords than for the imperial cult (Kyne is actually the head of the Northern pantheon). The Nords are confused and concerned about the imperial cult's alignment with the dragon god - they believe this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the universe that is likely to ultimately lead to catastrophe (which fits perfectly with the generally pessimistic worldview of the Nords - things are likely to turn out badly) and are probably caused by some foreign country). Fortunately for the world, the Nords are so diligent in ensuring that Alduin continues to sleep while the Southrons are busy getting his attention! Any mention of Akatosh in the presence of a Nord is likely to result in a mumbled invocation to Alduin to go back to sleep.

The Nords believe that it was Talos (Dragon's Blood, Martin's forefather) and not Alduin who lent his aid in the Oblivion Crisis.