What if you were born yesterday

If you were born in 1900 ...

Imagine for a moment that you were born in 1900.

World War I begins when you are 14 and ends when you turn 18 with 22 million dead worldwide.

Shortly thereafter, the global Spanish flu pandemic begins with 50 million deaths. It lasts until you are 20 years old.

When you turn 29, the Great Depression begins with the New York stock market crash. The result is inflation and mass unemployment.

When you are 33 years old, the Nazis will come to power.

When you are 39, World War II starts and continues until you are 45. It costs the lives of 60 million people. 6 million are murdered in the Holocaust.

When you are 52 years old, the Korean War begins.

The Vietnam War begins when you are 64 and ends when you are 75 years old.

One child in 1985 thought that grandma and grandpa had no idea how difficult school is these days. These grandparents survived several wars.

Today, with all the conveniences of the modern world, we are in a new pandemic.

People complain because they shouldn't leave the house for a few weeks. They have electricity, cell phones, enough food, warm water and a safe roof over their heads. You are demonstrating against a few restrictions. Yes, there are few restrictions if you change perspective for a brief moment. Businesses and companies receive aid from the state.

None of this existed in earlier times and yet people survived them and did not lose their joie de vivre. Today people complain because they are supposed to wear masks in the supermarket.

A change of perspective can work wonders.

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