Can PayPal automatically debit my bank account

Internet When does PayPal debit?


Thanks to PayPal, online purchases can be made very quickly and easily. If you have a bank account on your PayPal account, you don't even need to have funds. When you make a purchase, the required amount is automatically debited from your account. But this can take a few days. In order not to lose track of your own expenses, it is good to know when PayPal is making the direct debit.

When will PayPal be debited from the bank account?

As a rule, PayPal books in one to two working days from your bank account after payment has been made. The only exception: weekends. There are no debits via PayPal at the weekend.

If there is no direct debit within seven working days, check the data you have provided with PayPal: Have you really saved the correct bank account? Did you have funds in your account that you could use to pay? If in doubt, you should contact PayPal customer service.

When does PayPal charge my credit card?

A credit card will also be charged by PayPal within the next few working days. When exactly the direct debit is made after payment depends on your credit card conditions. In most cases you will receive on A complete statement for your card at the end of the month. This then also includes the payment to PayPal. With a prepaid credit card, the money is debited directly from the deposited balance or the linked bank account. If you are unsure about what applies to your credit card, your bank can certainly help you.

What if there is not enough funds in my account when I am debited?

In this case, you should deposit funds into your account as soon as possible. Since PayPal usually takes a day to complete the transaction, you might be lucky. If there is insufficient funds in your account when the transaction occurs, fees will apply. Usually it is 3 € from PayPal. In addition, the bank adds another € 3 - and possibly additional fees if your account is overdrawn for too long.