Hot orange juice is delicious

Orange punch - hot and alcohol-freerecipe

From the cold winter weather to the warm couch with one hot orange punch. That's it! In winter there is nothing better than snuggling up in a blanket with a delicious hot drink and watching various series. 😀 How good that the recipe also works without alcohol. So you can eat at least 3 glasses of hot drink without falling off the couch tipsy.

The punch becomes particularly fruity when you prepare it fresh oranges using. Of course, you can also use orange juice for the recipe. But here I would make sure that it is also 100% fruit juice with no added sugar.

Spices for orange punch

What should not be missing from an orange punch? Oh yes, the spices. This makes it really tasty and gives it a very special, wintry taste. I have something ground vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and a few cloves used. I particularly like the combination.

Of course, the trade also offers countless syrup variants to make hot punch yourself. Most of the varieties contain an enormous amount of sugar, flavors and other additives. And I think you'll immediately taste the difference between a syrup and homemade orange punch. 🙂

But a little tipsy ...

You prefer the orange punch recipe with a few more turns and not as an alcohol-free version? No problem. Finally, just add 2cl rum per serving. 🙂

A chocolatey cocoa with cinnamon is also very popular with me in winter. Here I only use baking cocoa, agave syrup, milk and a little cinnamon. Good cocoa doesn't need more than that. 😉

Preparation: Simply make and prepare hot orange punch yourself

For the preparation of the recipe you only need a few ingredients without a lot of chichi. And this is how the hot orange punch is easily made and prepared yourself:

  • Squeeze the oranges and strain the juice through a sieve.

  • Heat the orange juice together with the apple juice and water in a saucepan.
    Then the vanilla pulp and other spices such as cardamom pods, cloves or a cinnamon stick are added.

  • As an alternative to apple juice and water, you can also use 200ml tea. White tea, for example, is very suitable here, as it has a neutral taste.

  • Let the orange punch steep for 30 minutes and then pour it into glasses. Finished!

  • Tip:

    You can use already ground spices or the respective spices in one piece, such as cardamom pods, cloves or a cinnamon stick.

    If you are using whole spices, remove them before serving. Here, for example, a tea bag that is filled with the respective spices is suitable.

    It is best to serve the orange punch while it is still hot in a large mug or in a nice glass. The quantities given are sufficient for 2 glasses (about 400ml).