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TippLift is a free typing trainer for typing that runs directly in your browser without installation. Our software supports you in efficiently training ten finger typing, i.e. blind typing on your computer keyboard, significantly increasing your typing speed and finally being able to work really relaxed on the computer.

Typing test

Can you type quickly? Take the typing test and determine your current typing speed.


Learn more about typing and the benefits of the 10-finger system.


Choose from a variety of given exercise texts from our writing trainer and train your typing skills.


With the statistics you can keep an eye on your progress with 10 finger writing at any time.

Get there faster

With TippLift we have created a modern writing trainer that gets you to your destination faster and gives you pleasure while practicing. The following functions contribute to this:


TippLift can be used directly in your browser without installation. Simply call up the URL in your browser and you can start learning to type. TippLift even works without prior registration. However, as a subscriber to TippLift Pro you should always register in order to be able to use all new functions.

Comparative tests

With the typing test of the Typing Academy you can easily determine your current typing speed and thus check your progress with tactile typing at any time. And thanks to the high scores, you can compare your skills with those of other users and get an impression of how much potential you still have.

Exercise texts

There is something for everyone in the TippLift exercise texts. From first warm-up and finger exercises, to gradually training new characters, to word exercises - with words that are really relevant to your language. In addition, as a registered user, you can create up to 10 of your own exercise texts and thus train your focal points in a targeted manner.

Intelligence and dynamism

The TippLift exercise texts are not just static texts. Dynamic exercises are compiled anew at each start, which increases the learning effect and prevents the exercises from being memorized. And the intelligent error analysis ensures that frequent typing errors are repeated directly in the exercise text during runtime, thus efficiently training your weak points.

Auxiliary keyboard

TippLift uses an optical keyboard to make learning the 10-finger system as easy as possible. Colored keys make it easier for you to assign the respective finger-key combination and key paths show you for each character which finger you have to move where. A look at your "real" keyboard is superfluous right from the start. Advanced users can also switch off individual aids on our auxiliary keyboard at will in order to further increase the training effect.


Admittedly, learning the ten-finger system takes some effort. It is all the more important that your small progress can be recognized immediately and that your motivation is maintained. Thanks to TippLift's extensive statistics, you can analyze your performance in detail, identify weak points in good time and train them in a targeted manner. TippLift offers you information on your overall progress, your last exercises, your daily progress, as well as detailed data on your typing errors.

Start a typing exercise

Why spend more time on theory? As I said, our writing trainer is freely accessible to everyone and can even be used without registration. So just try out TippLift and see for yourself.

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