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Ōnoki, also Ryōtenbin no Ōnoki (両 天秤 の オ オ ノ キ), is the Sandaime Tsuchikage and thus the current head of Iwagakure. He appears for the first time when the Kage meeting is called and Ōnoki makes his way to Tetsu no Kuni with his companions, Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi.

Appearance and personality

Ōnoki is an old man who looks very fragile and is not very tall. His face is adorned with a white beard, but he doesn't have a lot of hair on his head. Its large, fleshy nose is also noticeable.

He is often grumpy and in a bad mood. In addition, he is often annoyed about his broken body, but proudly rejects Akatsuchi's offer to carry the luggage. Ōnoki behaves very differently towards the other Kage. Because of his age, he does not show the young Gaara much respect and says that his father did not teach him any manners. He admonishes A to be quieter and seems to have known him since his appointment as Raikage. The other two Kage, Danzo and Mei Terumī, he is apparently neutral towards.

Ōnoki always seems to hate all other Kakurezato, and it was Kumogakure's emerging military power that made him hostile towards everyone. Only when the Fourth Ninja World War broke out and the Kakurezato had to fight as an alliance did his attitude change.


Meet the Kage

See also: Meeting of the Kage.

Accompanied by Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi, Ōnoki travels to the realm of iron. Once there, he takes a rather passive role at the meeting of the Kage and comments on most of Gaara's replicas first with insults, then with a grumble. It was only when the Raikage accused Iwagakure of having used Akatsuki for his own purposes that oknoki became short-tempered and countered with the remark that Kumogakure was the only village that still expanded its army during peaceful times. When Mifune proposes to form an alliance of the five ninja villages against Akatsuki and to make Danzo the leader, the Tsuchikage is against, but Mifune thinks that he would not be suitable as a leader because of his age.

When the Raikage sets out to confront Sasuke, Ōnoki remains seated and continues to argue with Gaara. Even when Sasuke is around, he prefers to leave Sasuke to Mei. However, when the Kage have problems with ZetsusHōshi no Jutsu, he decides to intervene with his companion and shows his strength - with Doton he destroys the spurs and defeats the exhausted Sasuke with the Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu. However, this is saved by Tobi.

War preparations

After Tobi explains his plan, Ōnoki finally agrees to form an alliance, this time with the Raikage as leader. Instead of Danzo, whom the Kage now distrusts, the son of the White Fang, Kakashi Hatake, is chosen as Konoha's contact person.

Ōnoki runs into battle first and promptly attacks Kabuto Yakushi, who is looking for Naruto and B. But after a snake has found the island on which the ninja around Naruto are, Kabuto escapes there. Once there, Deidara Ōnoki surrenders and challenges him to fight. This is interrupted before it has actually taken place, due to Kabuto's flight and the resulting recall of Deidara.

The fourth ninja world war

Ōnoki is badly wounded

See also: Fourth Ninja World War.

During the Fourth Ninja World War, Ōnoki originally worked as a consultant at the headquarters of the Shinobi Alliance. However, after it is revealed that the second TsuchikageMū is using Jinton like Ōnoki, he is sent to the battlefield to reinforce Gaara. The actual fighting does not take place until the next day. While Gaara fights the Third Raikage and his father with the Fourth Division, Mū and Ōnoki fight a duel man against man. Due to his age and physical limitations, Ōnoki is increasingly in distress and Mū can only be defeated by Naruto's arrival.

The Kage have no chance against Madara

Then Ōnoki fights together with Gaara against the second Mizukage, where he destroys his shell (under heavy strain on his back) and thus ends the genjutsu. Shortly afterwards, Madara Uchiha appears and Ōnoki also actively helps in the fight against them. When the Uchiha lets a meteor fall onto the battlefield, the Tsuchikage brakes it using Doton: Chō Keijūgan no Jutsu and Gaara prevent the impact using its sand. However, another meteor follows and this leads to the entire division being buried under rock. Ōnoki survives, albeit seriously injured, and decides to finally put Madara down. When all five Kage finally show up to fight Madara, Ōnoki also fights at her side. At first it seems as if the Kage have a chance together, but Madara always manages to avoid her attacks. The Uchiha can also incapacitate all Kage in the further course of the fight with Mokuton: Kajukai Kōrin, only Ōnoki resists this attack and can save the other Kage with Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu. Later each of the Kage has to assert himself against five Moku Bunshin from Madara. Together they manage to destroy them and it seems as if they can finally seal Madara, but Madara reveals his true power in the form of the Kanzentai Susanoo. In addition, the Uchiha manages to avoid the dissolution of Edo Tensei. The Kage are now easily defeated by Madara, as Madara has lost interest in this fight. Later, after Ōnoki and the other Kage are healed, they head to the battlefield to fight the Jūbi.

Change of Ōnoki

Skills and Jutsu

For a list of his jutsu, see here: Ōnokis Jutsu

Although Ōnoki is physically out of shape, he is a very capable fighter thanks to his ninjutsu skills. From his former teacher, Mū, he learned the Kekkei Tōta, a skill that enables him to combine more than two elements. This enables him to create the Jinton.[2] In addition, it usually floats in combat. He can also give this ability to others by touching them.[3] In addition, he has a strong jutsu that Akatsuchi says would be capable of destroying an entire island. This jutsu is very similar to Jinton in terms of its development phase: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu and is also based on Jinton.



  • „「 こ い つ ら を 見 て い て 時 は た だ 刻 む だ け で は な い と 分 か っ た ... 世界 は 過去 を ​​重 ね て ゆ っ く り と だ が 成長 し け 」て の e 平和e け て る it ... toki wa tada kizamu dakede wa nai to wakatta ... sekai wa kako o kasanete to daga seichō shite oru ... heiwa fu mukete nō "," The two there showed me that history doesn't have to repeat itself over and over again ... We learn from our mistakes in the past ... and even if we still have a long way to go, we are still moving towards peace. "" - On Madara Uchiha in relation to Naruto Uzumaki and Gaara, Naruto Manga 59: Chapter 562


  • 両 天秤 Ryotenbin means "Have more than one choice". Read individually they mean Kanji"Two" (両, "Ryō") "Sky" (天, "Ten") and "Libra" (秤, "Hakari")
  • Ōnoki is referred to as "strongest old ninja" (最強 老 忍, "Saikyō Rōnin") designated.[3]
  • Ōnoki speaks a rural sounding in the Japanese manga northern Japanese dialect, which is used in the German manga with is translated into the Low German dialect.
  • In the German anime, his nickname becomes "Fenced Woodpecker from Iwagakure" translated.