Can I insure my car online?

Vehicle registration

Preparation is everything with vehicle registration

To save yourself long waiting times, you have booked the appointment online at the vehicle registration office. Also the Application for admission you have already downloaded and filled in in advance from the Internet. Now you are sitting in the waiting room and go through the documents again to be on the safe side:

Identity card, Vehicle registration document, eVB number (the electronic confirmation of your vehicle insurance) and - because it is an imported car - the CoC papers (EC Certificate of Conformity; is usually included with the new vehicle or can be requested from the manufacturer). Finally, that Direct debit authorization for debiting the Road tax. Everything is complete, you are absolutely certain - the vehicle registration will go quickly.

A short time later, the friendly clerk examines yours Identity card. Suddenly her face darkens: “The identity card expired two weeks ago. I'm sorry, but I can't leave the car like this. "

Anyone in a good mood in the Vehicle registration office If you want to go in and out again, you should not only think about the completeness of your documents, but also about their validity. So it's better to take a look twice - or that Simply put complete vehicle registration into the hands of third parties (this is often the case car dealer for it; otherwise this can also be done by a private person or a commercial vehicle registration service). But then definitely think about the power of attorney! You can download forms from the websites of many vehicle registration offices.