What is Link Acquisition in SEO

Link Marketing (Link Building)

Link marketing or link building (= building backlinks) is one of the basic SEO strategies and is a cornerstone of search engine optimization. Nowadays it is not enough to just have a well-optimized website, because this way you will never land at the top of the organic or paid Google search results. Rather, it is important that other websites on the internet your website so that in the end a lot of visitors will come to your website. By taking over Backlinks (= Links on other websites that refer to your website) can not only Your brand awareness increases but also Your web awareness and identity strengthened become. The backlinks also reflect the credibility of your websitecontrary.

With the help of one of us Link building strategy you will find out where and from which websites you are already getting backlinks, and we will help you to get more backlinks. So you increase them Visibility of your website on the net and you stand out from that competitor from.

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Which backlinks do we collect?

  • natural
  • relevant
  • long term
  • permanently findable
  • Backlinks that improve traffic and search results

How do we go about link marketing?

  • We learn that Know customers and set the goals in advance together firmly
  • We analyze that competition and the current backlink profile of the customer
  • We'll create one optimal link building strategy and take the right action
  • We create one Link building database from old and new contacts
  • We operate Market research regarding further link building opportunities
  • We compose monthly reportsabout the results of link marketing

What does the link building strategy include?

  • Information about theNumber and quality existing backlinks
  • Comparison with yours biggestCompetitors
  • development of unique as well as long-term strategies for acquiring backlinks
  • Revision of existing backlinks and Acquisition of targeted and relevant backlinks
  • Increase in Number of backlinks on your website (= linkbaiting)
  • Overview of more Link building resources

Why a link building strategy from eVisions is right for you:

  • We have a strong teamexperienced link builder and are very accomplished in the field of "Link Marketing"
  • We only acquire high quality, targeted and relevant backlinks
  • We have over the yearsa broad network of various media partnersbuilt up
  • We know both that Czech marketas well asforeign markets in detail, e.g. DE, SK, AT, RU
  • Our link marketing is Part of a wide variety of marketing strategies and doesn't just consist of acquiring backlinks

Should we have backlinks in Top quality purchase for you or are you interested in a detailed Backlink profile? Then contact us!

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