Do you remember teething problems?

Children's clinic

Join us on an exciting journey through one hospital. Don't worry, there are no syringes here, but lots of interesting things to discover! Are you looking for B. Information about specific diseases? Right this way!

Pediatrician Practice

The first time at the pediatrician, you probably don't remember it, because that was right after you were born. At the Medizinstadt pediatrician you can find everything from U1 to U9 and information about Teething problems like measles, mumps and rubella!


In the Medicine City library, you can find all the words and Terms look up in the dictionary that you do not yet know. For various diseases you can also find Special dictionaries. There is a news archive and a directory of all the important words and topics.

Internet cafe

Here you will find the chat room, the meeting point for everyone Contactsearching. Maybe you are looking for a pen pal? Healthy or sick, it doesn't matter. Here you can too ask put and reply Find...


There are very special games on the playground in the medicine city: give the doctor an injection, take part in the audio quiz, hunt viruses and bacteria or visit them Loib on his body planet and ask him holes in the stomach!


Test your Knowledge about the body and various diseases! Here you will also learn everything about first aid, because children can also save lives in emergency situations!