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If you've tried creating a video yourself, you've probably found that it's not as easy as you might think. Again and again you come across disturbing details, such as wind noise or faint colors. The Filmora X Video Editor for Windows and Mac shows that creating videos doesn't have to be complicated. You can download Filmora for free. What kind of video editing program do YouTubers use? As one of the best video editing software, Filmora has basic editing functions like cropping, splitting, merging, trimming, rotating, etc. with which you can create unique videos. With Filmora you can create your own unique videos.

Which is the best free video editing program? How can you edit videos?We have rounded up 5 most suitable video makers that you can make videos for free. Click the catalog below and choose the most popular free video editing program!

#1. Shotcut

The open source video editor Shotcut for Windows, Mac and Linux proves that free programs for creating videos don't have to look like they were developed in the 90s. The video editor is characterized by a modern user interface, which offers a timeline and preview function for easier creation of videos. Shotcut is constantly being developed, which means that functions such as 4k video editing find their way into the program. You can enhance your videos artistically with a large selection of filter effects. Shotcut is completely free and watermark free to use.

  • Video editing via timeline, modern design, many filter templates
  • Requires training, limited functionality

# 2. Windows Movie Maker

The classic among Windows programs for creating videos for free is Windows Movie Maker. The software, which is no longer supported by Microsoft, is aimed primarily at occasional users who want to make simple changes to their videos. The Movie Maker attaches particular importance to the quick and easy creation of videos, with all the basic functions such as video editing and text editing. The video editor is not suitable for further editing due to the lack of a timeline and few functions. A more modern and also free alternative to Movie Maker can be found under Windows 10 in the Photo app. You can use the application called Story Remix to create videos semi-automatically.

  • Easy video creation without training, contains basic video editing functions
  • Outdated user interface, will no longer be developed, low functionality

# 3. Video pad

The Videpad Video Editor shows what Windows Movie Maker could look like if Microsoft had developed the program further. The video editing software for Windows and Mac attaches great importance to ease of use for beginners and offers modern functions such as 360 ° and 3D video editing. You can create videos using the integrated timeline of the clear user interface. When downloading Videopad, you should make sure that you do not download the trial version but the version of the Video Editor that is free for private, non-commercial use. Although this does not offer all the functions of the paid premium version, it should be sufficient for most users.

  • Supports new video formats such as 360 ° and 4k and offers uncomplicated video editing
  • Severely limited range of functions in the free version

# 4. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is free, open source software for Windows that is limited to the bare essentials. So you can cut your videos, convert them to other file formats and customize the audio track. VirtualDub also offers a number of filters that you can apply to your videos. A major disadvantage of the video editor, besides the lack of a timeline, is that various formats such as MP4 or MPEG2 are not supported. The program reads all basic formats such as MPEG-1 or AVI without problems.

  • Ideally suited for converting video and audio formats
  • Does not offer a timeline, supports only a few video formats, hardly any functions

# 5. AviDemux

AviDemux is a tool for converting, decoding, encoding and trimming video files. The program is very similar to VirtualDub. The range of functions is limited to tools for simple video editing and there is no timeline. Unlike VirtualDub, AviDemux supports significantly more video formats. You can download the video editor completely free of charge for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Easy video editing, supports numerous video formats
  • Outdated user interface, no timeline, few features

With Filmora X, even a beginner will get to grips quickly. In the current version, Filmora X offers more than 800 video effects such as filters, transitions, overlays, texts, elements and 3D luts that you can add to your video with just one click. For suitable background music, you can use license-free songs from the audio library. In addition to tools for simple editing such as video editing, Filmora X also includes more professional functions such as green screen and tilt shift. All common video formats are supported and you can upload the finished videos directly to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. To make your own video today, you can download Filmora's free trial version, which is only limited by a watermark on the finished videos.

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