Where can I share my blog content

More traffic by sharing articles from other blogs

In my experience, today's traffic tip is an important foundation stone for more reach and ultimately also for more traffic in your own blog.

It's about the social web and why it's important to share content from other blogs.

How to do this best and what advantages it brings, I explain in the following.

The "I Syndrome"


It is certainly no secret that the social web is well suited for marketing your own content. The number of users on Facebook, Twitter and Co. is simply too large for that. Nevertheless, many bloggers “suffer” from a problem that unfortunately means that they are nowhere near as effective in using the social web as they would be.

The problem is that these bloggers only share their own content on the social web and otherwise do not take any action.

However, this gives them a lot of potential, which could be used by simply changing their strategy.

Reach = traffic

The greatest possible reach is important for increasing traffic in your own blog. This can be created particularly well on the social web. But for this you have to be seen as helpful, useful and sensible by social media users.

You cannot achieve this by viewing your social media profiles as a pure article slingshot for your own content. Instead, one should proceed according to the motto "Giving is more blissful than receiving". Even if I am not a believer, this makes particular sense here. ;-)

  • Follow other users in the social networks and share their useful articles via your profile. It does not matter whether it is direct competitors that you are helping with. It is important to convince the users that you only think about their well-being and that everything you share is high quality, interesting and useful.
  • It also makes sense to subscribe to the most important blogs from your own industry and to distribute their readable articles via Facebook, Twitter and Co.
  • On Twitter, I also keep getting interesting articles retweeted from people I don't even follow. Nevertheless, some of them are real pearls, which their own fans and followers are also very happy about.
  • When doing your own article research, interesting articles come together again and again, some of which should be shared on social networks.

If you make it a habit to share interesting articles that you come across in your profiles, you will build a lot of trust with your own fans and followers. This in turn ensures that you a) gain more fans and followers and b) your own articles are much more likely to be shared.

It just happens by the way

Even if it sounds like extra work, it's actually more of a sideline. I research the net every day anyway, read the articles in my feed reader and check my social media profiles. That way, I automatically come across other interesting articles.

To then share these is not really a huge additional effort. You just have to get used to it.

In this way, you can build up a greater reach without thinking too much about it, ensure more trust and that ultimately results in more shares of your own content and thus more traffic.


The social web is not a one-way street. You should not only see it as a “unloading station” for your own content, but rather actively share other good content, build trust and thus ensure more reach for your own content.