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# DIWODO20 DIGITIZATION. INNOVATIONS. CHANCEN from November 2nd to 6th, 2020

This year under the motto: Hybrid - Best of both worlds Almost 200 events from around 120 organizers will present digital trends and innovations of tomorrow at # diwido20 online and partly on site. The program includes interesting lectures, interactive events and networks. All events will primarily take place digitally and will be broadcast via live stream. However, individual face-to-face events can also take place at the same time, provided the current situation permits. [...]

Materna TMT @Mailingtage 2020

Germany's leading event for cross-media brand staging and dialogue marketing takes place - LIVE & DIGITAL The new mailingtage 2020 - the Hybrid Event 2020 On September 17, 2020 the OFFLINE congress fair will take place in the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten in Frankfurt am Main. The extension of the face-to-face event can then be seen ONLINE. In 2020, the mailingtage 2020 stands for programmatic printing, data-driven documents and cross-media dialogue marketing approaches that cleverly combine modern ONLINE SKILLS with trendy OFFLINE USPs! From the first [...]

Expo Real: Using virtual reality glasses to make quarters of the future and smart cities a virtual experience

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are on everyone's lips. But what of this is hype and what are specific virtual reality applications and trends with added value? Some companies and organizations are still reluctant and need convincing practical examples. At Expo Real 2018, Materna TMT and Innovation City Management GmbH (ICM) presented a virtual application that is intended to provide insights into the cities and quarters of the future [...]

The right tone is very important - tenant topics in the explanatory film

What is actually allowed to be in the hallway? How do you ventilate your apartment correctly or which garbage belongs in which bin? All questions that not only Allbau GmbH in Essen would like to bring its tenants in the 18,000 apartments closer to. Other companies in the housing industry are also burning these topics under their nails ... The implementation was a challenge for us because all of them are sensitive topics, which are also divided into six different [...]

Rethink! - The DoNova product spot does away with prejudices.

Shooting in our film studio and on site, voice recordings in our speaker's booth and the development of high-quality 3D models - we have exhausted our entire repertoire for the new product spot from Dortmund-based Dolezych GmbH. The result is a high-quality product spot with many expressive images and an unusual story line. The spot supports the global market launch of a new product that has never existed in this form before and that is appreciated by the target group due to its nature.

Case study: Award-winning virtual reality solution for Lufthansa

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has enormous potential for the preliminary planning of construction projects, infrastructure or service projects. Lufthansa is making use of this when testing future service concepts for the airports in Frankfurt and Vienna. A best practice example for which Materna TMT won the Diwodo sol.IT award in November 2018. The award honors projects with a high degree of innovation and outstanding customer benefit.

Master thesis on virtual reality

Can virtual reality assert itself in society? Which attributes are decisive for the use of the technology? How do users perceive the use of VR glasses? To answer these questions, Materna TMT awarded a master's thesis at the end of 2017. First of all, a survey was carried out among companies to find out how strong the intention to use virtual reality technology in the long term is already pronounced. In addition to this quantitative data collection, market reports were also analyzed and [...]

Innovative ideas and solutions for craft businesses

Digitization is on the agenda of many companies. The professional field of craftsmen is also in the course of digital advancement. In order to show these companies innovative ideas and solutions, the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts organized the HANDWERK DIGITAL trade fair on July 5, 2018. Under the slogan “The journey begins”, HANDWERK DIGITAL was used as an information platform to illustrate possible uses as well as to provide guidance based on best practice examples. Exhibitors from the [...]

Lions at TMT

On February 21st, we were able to welcome very special guests at TMT: This time there was no commercial company visiting, but the Lions Club Graf Engelbert from Bochum. Club president Nina Moeller received around 50 club members in her role as head of the “Learning & Development” department at TMT - an example of useful synergies between business and charitable organizations such as the Lions Club. For the club members from various professional groups, information and [ ...]

What is actually ...?

What the Duden says: Trick, animated film What we mean by this: Cinematic sequence based on graphics ... and why the whole thing? For example, to illustrate complex and / or invisible processes. Animations can be used to explain how machines work or to give (interior) views that would not be possible with normal film recordings. You need a universally understandable manual for a process or a device without a spoken or written word? Animated films are also ideal for this! Unlike those with the [...]

The latest generation of VR glasses is here - why you should wait anyway!

A new generation of VR glasses from well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Lenovo and Acer has been on the market under the catchphrase "Windows Mixed Reality" since October. In contrast to earlier models, these are "real" VR headsets that enable free movement and motion detection within the virtual world and thus go beyond cheap cell phone solutions. Since they are all based on the same technology, the new models attract with greater simplicity: For the [...]

No need to worry: Achieve new goals with change communication

Digital transformation, competition from the online sector, technology to simplify processes ... Every successful company has to move with the times. In fast times, this also means making dynamic and deliberate changes. These changes, the so-called changes, naturally also influence the everyday (work) life of employees. Successful change communication is essential to cushion negative moods. We have Nina Moeller, responsible for learning and development at Materna TMT and an expert in questions about [...]

What actually is immersion?

What the Duden says: (EDP) "Immersion in a virtual environment" What we mean by this: For us, immersion is the interactive experience with all of the senses. ... and why the whole thing? Those who dive in hold their breath - in virtual worlds, on the other hand, it's about active experience. Whether virtual reality or augmented reality: the focus is on the benefit for the customer, the conveyance of content, messages, knowledge. Our surroundings [...]

A very special evening: the dwf. lounge as a guest at Materna TMT

Take: Interested representatives of the education industry, an IT service provider who deals with media of all kinds and innovative developments in the field of learning, an exciting overarching topic, drinks and a small catering, a large portion of interest and openness. And the result is: the dwf. lounge is a guest at Materna TMT! On October 18, 2017 we were allowed to be the real hosts! Members of the Dortmunder Weiterbildungsforum e. V. (dwf.) And their customers visited us at [...]

Mobile friendliness

Responsive design for a better user experience Mobile friendliness has become one of the most important buzzwords since 2015 at the latest, when Google declared that more mobile-friendly websites are ranked better in the Google search. This update, known as Mobilegeddon, is not necessarily to be understood as an "everything-to-be-destroyed disaster" for good search engine optimization. The goal of this measure is very plausible if you look at how much our life is increasingly dependent on [...]

Feel like home!

Our virtual tour at the real estate fair of the Sparkasse Essen On September 23rd and 24th, we were invited by our customer "Allbau GmbH" to the annual Sparkassen real estate fair in Essen to present our jointly developed VR real estate tour. We have made a residential complex that is still under construction accessible and tangible with the help of virtual reality. After all, who would want to enter a construction site when they have finished setting up their future home with a virtual inspection [...]

Parallax effect and co

Key facts and trends for websites And who invented it? Not the Swiss this time! Still, Switzerland is involved. Tim Berners-Lee, British physicist and computer scientist, has been developing the World Wide Web at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva since 1984. On August 6, 1991 the time had come: the first document was published on the web. Since then, a lot has happened. Therefore, here is a brief overview of what is on the WWW [...]

Individual media for every phase of employee integration

Searching for applicants for the perfect match, discovering talent and integrating them efficiently - all of this can become a lengthy process. In order to keep applicants interested from the outset, you need a suitable communication strategy. Use media diversity We at Materna TMT work with you to develop creative solutions for successful applicant and corporate communication. Invite your applicants for example via a personal video message or strengthen the motivation of new [...]

How a website is created

3 tips for implementation Our screen design is ready. But what else do you have to pay attention to during implementation? Andreas Berning, our web designer, gave us three tips. 1. Find a clever framework CSS frameworks are used to avoid having to reinvent a website from scratch. They consist of a collection of different design elements. Buttons, menus, input fields or graphic elements such as fonts and icons are already predefined. Especially [...]

Web design at its best

Anyone who wants to present themselves authentically and openly nowadays is dependent on a meaningful web presence. In this context, there are many questions in the room: How would I like to be perceived on the web? What information do I provide? And how can I keep my visitors on the website longer? Answering all of these questions is on our agenda this month. To start with, we would like to take you into the world of website design with a [...]