Should I become an entrepreneur?

Become an entrepreneur - 7 tips and a self-test

Uentrepreneur werden It's hard to be an entrepreneur on the other hand ... even more so?

Are you thinking of starting your own business and realizing your dream, i.e. becoming an entrepreneur? That's great! Now the question arises whether you are an entrepreneur and whether becoming an entrepreneur is the right way for you. To do this, you have to take a close look at yourself and treat yourself with honesty.

First of all: You can't do everything! It is important that you get to know your weaknesses and work on them!

Nothing ventured nothing gained

First and foremost, founders all have one important characteristic in common: courage. And you seem to have that too, otherwise the thought would not have occurred to you. However, founding is a real challenge and should be carefully considered beforehand. Rushing is not a good way to get started in the founding life.

But there are many other traits besides courage that you should display if you are considering becoming an entrepreneur. Whether or not you are suitable for setting up a business is not a question that can be answered in a few minutes.

It actually takes a lot of self-reflection and careful consideration. In addition, it very rarely happens that someone has all the characteristics from the start and I would argue that the born founder does not exist in this sense. You may or may not be suitable, but even if you have the aptitude, you can still learn!

This article is aimed primarily at those in our community who are just starting out. Even if you have already made the decision to give reasons, you should read this article. It will help you find out which important traits you already have and which ones you can still work on. Because even if you may not be the “perfect” start-up type at the moment, that doesn't mean that you can't become one!

Establishing is not child's play!

But if you learn to play the right way, you might win!

There is always a certain risk attached to reasons. This shouldn't scare you off, but you should be aware of it. Just because we're scared of something doesn't mean we can't do it anyway. You just have to know your fear and most of all you have to be calm.

Reasons is not a guarantee. This is very important. Unfortunately, you do not have a high level of security in self-employment. That's why the headline doesn't say you will win. Because usually nobody can promise you that. You will fall and you will get up. Perhaps you will also have to realize that it was not the right way or that it ends in a dead end. But basically you have to be able to handle uncertainties well.

You will often run into your personal limits on your way up. But there are only limits because you set them for yourself. Of course, health always comes first, don't get me wrong. I'm talking more about challenges and hard work that will bring you to this kind of limit that tries to bring you to your knees.

What do you have to be prepared for if you want to become an entrepreneur?

Self-employment changes your life!

Know that if you want to become an entrepreneur, you will have a new life. With lots of exciting and great moments, but also with certain restrictions and uncertainties. Establishing means a lot of work. Work that you sometimes won't like.

Work that sometimes challenges you and will sometimes overwhelm you. And which will cost you a lot of your time. But also work that makes you proud! You create something that is yours and that you represent. Such a big thing can usually not be created by turning your thumbs. Founders should be equipped with a high level of resilience.

Learn to deal with stress

You will have to learn to deal with stress. You also have to clarify with your family / fellow human beings that you will not have that much time from now on. There will be 50-60 hours of work per week. So be sure that what you work for is what you want to work for.

It is not for nothing that founding is often an affair of the heart. After all, it takes up a huge part of your life. However, you can organize your work yourself, so don't worry too much. If you love what you are working on, it will be easy for you to invest a lot of time!

Mastering personal problems

Little time for friends and family can mean that some people will turn away from you. It can mean it, but it shouldn't. Ideally, your fellow human beings will understand and support you in your project. The important thing is that you talk to them! Explain to them why you want to start a business.

Try to suggest to them what this means for you. You will have to sacrifice time to achieve your goals. The right people in your life will stay where they are: Always by your side, even if that means letting go a little.
Family or personal problems should not get in your way, as you have to overcome enough other hurdles! Emotional stability is a great advantage!

What is the work of a founder like?

As I said, your week will be an average of 50-60 hours of work. You have to do a good job even under the influence of stress, because you are the fuel that can shoot the rocket into the sky. You have to get work done all the time, because this is not simply presented to you. You also need sufficient commercial knowledge and analytical talent. Remember that the market is constantly evolving. Be flexible and open to new ideas so that one day you can grow with the market

You are your own boss!

Can you motivate yourself and others sufficiently? It starts with you, but later on you will also have to motivate your employees. Everything builds up around you. You are the boss and that also means that you have to be able to assert yourself.

Courage and the willingness to take risks are one thing, but remember that you also have full responsibility for your actions. Make your decisions wisely! You can't blame anyone. Discipline and perseverance are the magic words. Stick with it instead of giving up. You have to believe in yourself and your goals ...

You decide!

Your work is distinguished by the fact that you act independently and responsibly. This also means that you are able to make most decisions on your own. And once you've made a choice, it's time to stand behind it and, if necessary, admit to yourself that it was the wrong decision. Often times, this takes a lot of patience.

You coordinate!

Sooner or later you will find yourself hiring employees. Ideally, you should be a good boss and therefore be able to deal with people well. A great company can only grow if the people are behind you. A bad work atmosphere does not have a good effect on your success.

You sell!

A certain sales talent is necessary if you want to bring yourself and your company to market. After all, nobody knows your product until now. Marketing and Co. is crucial. You're going to have to give your brand a face. No one can do that for you in self-employment either.

Become an entrepreneur - 7 tips

The best business idea will not be of much use if there is a lack of preparation or if you are not at all suitable as a founder. The long-dreamed-of step into self-employment should therefore first be considered carefully, as a start-up is also associated with a great risk. Due to increasing digitalization, however, founders have it much easier in the current age to put their business model into practice and to create the breakthrough they had hoped for.

With a few good tips and tricks from experts, you can in principle make capital out of any idea. It also makes no difference whether it is a completely new and as yet unknown innovation or whether the foundation is planned from a further developing idea, which is the case with most start-ups. This is usually a special improvement on an already existing product or service. Once the idea has been established, the next steps should be carefully planned so as not to go under in the first phase of the foundation.

Financing plays one of the most important roles in founding a company

However, serious mistakes are usually made during financial planning, as the little money that is available is unfortunately also spent much faster than it comes in. When financing, it is therefore essential to pay attention to buffers, since especially a lot of small things are often not thought of at all. It is therefore advisable to look for financing options as early as possible. In addition to corporate loans, you can also choose from crowdfunding, ventures capitalists or business angels.

The business plan is the be-all and end-all

A good business plan is not only essential for financing, it is also the actual business model to control for founders. This gives you an excellent overview of the real turnover you depend on in order to survive and what it looks like with taxes, insurance and other business expenses. Typical misjudgments can thus be avoided and the plan then only needs to be adapted to the current circumstances.

Know your target audience

In principle, you only have good sales opportunities if you also know your target group better. As a result, the marketing strategies can then be adapted much better and more specifically, since, for example, the language or style of language used also play an important role. There is a big difference between addressing young people and older people. Advertising that is not aimed directly at the target audience can be compared to money thrown away. You can still approach the masses afterwards, once the company is known.

Website as communication material

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you need an appealing website. If possible, attention should be paid to clear structures and added value for the customer right from the start, not just a chic design. It is important to be able to instill confidence in the visitors to the site as this is the first impression of the company.

Of course, all important data should be included quickly and clearly be visible. It's good to remember that our competition is just a click or two away. The clearer the pages are, the better.

Choose the right company and legal form

The corporate and legal form is an important consideration as the decision is not only about liability, but also about taxes. Most self-employed people opt for the sole proprietorship option, as in this case there are almost no formalities required for setting up. As a sole proprietorship, the profits generated are taxed at the personal tax rate.


Without contacts, nothing works in business life, which is why you should make sure to make new contacts from the start. This is possible, for example, by participating in workshops, at other start-ups and also via social networks. However, the contacts should then also be maintained, which is complex, but can also bring many advantages.

Survival of the fittest

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you not only need a lot of stamina, you also have to be flexible. Those who cannot adapt to current market needs have bad chances by default. As a founder, it is necessary to listen to customers and learn from negative feedback and mistakes in order to improve your own service.

Become an entrepreneur - a conclusion

If you want to become an entrepreneur, you should be aware that everything will not always go as planned, but quite the opposite. Even with the best planning, there will still be many situations that require courage and risk-taking. Time also plays an important role, as founders are usually very impatient and can hardly wait until they finally earn money.

However, it is also quite normal that a start-up needs enough time before it becomes known and the business idea can really be financially viable. So becoming an entrepreneur really means working hard and consistently until you are successful. If necessary, it is advisable not to forego the monthly salary as an employee and to start with the start-up of the company as a part-time job.

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Don't work your way to pieces, but fight for your goals!

You always have to keep in mind what you have achieved and what you will still achieve! But it must also be said that it is important not to bury yourself under work. Make sure that it's worth it and that it makes sense. All that work shouldn't be in vain. It won't either, as long as you put all your heart into it!

Be proud of what you have achieved, even if you are not there yet. When founding a company, it is especially important to see every progress as such. It will take time to see significant results. So it is important that you set yourself smaller milestones in addition to the big goals. This is how you stay motivated!

You should always stay grounded and proceed with care. Take care of yourself and do not let possible defeats, but also successes, grow over your head.

Know your strengths, but also your weaknesses! Never forget, no person is perfect, not even a founder. You can only be good. So good that nobody forgets you again anytime soon! And once you've made a name for yourself, the hard work will pay off!