How do volume controls work on computers

Fostex PC-1: practical volume control

Small button, big effect: Fostex PC-1 - practical volume button for computer editing stations and dubbing. As a manufacturer of active monitor speakers, Fostex naturally knows where there is a problem in practice: Most active monitors have level controls on the back - only for general adjustment of the basic volume, because the actual volume control during work is carried out via a monitor controller, a mixer or in the software of the recording application. This takes time, is impractical or even leads to sound degradation. Fostex has therefore developed the PC-1, a small potentiometer that works as follows: The signal to be leveled comes from the computer (or iPod or camcorder) via mini jack into the PC-1, which forwards it to the monitor boxes via cinch. The stereo volume can be controlled directly on the PC-1 at the editing suite - stereo is the key word here, because, if at all, most of the better active speakers have separate volume controls on the front, often without a grid. A constant stereo level is therefore not that easy to achieve - with the Fostex control it is. The Fostex PC 1 is only 5.2 by 3.7 by 6 cm and weighs 120 grams. There is not yet a German award. (he) Information about the manufacturer: