How harmful are diet pills

Diet pills in the check: are diet pills deadly?

Diet pills in the check: are diet pills deadly?

A top figure without starvation and sport - that is what the manufacturers of diet pills promise. But if you trust the slimming products, you risk your life. The five most important questions about fat burner pills.

Heart failure - That was the sober diagnosis after the death of a schoolgirl from Lower Saxony. She was admitted to the hospital bathed in sweat and died a little later - because she wanted to be slim. The young woman had one that was not approved in Germany Fat burner taken.

The side effect: fatal. The consumption of illegal slimming pills that can be ordered over the Internet has increased dramatically in recent years: In 2005, German customs seized 125,000 tablets, in the first half of 2007 already more than 500,000. The market is huge, and the side effects of the drugs are often impossible to estimate.

JOLIE worked with Professor Dr. Norbert Maassen, sports physiologist at the University of Hanover, asked and different diet pills examined more closely.

Diet pills in check

How dangerous are fat burners?

Extremely dangerous! Be particularly careful with products that are sold over the Internet: you can use the Active ingredient DNP (Dinitrophenol) contain. Although this actually leads to faster fat burning, it also breaks down muscles and unbalances the entire energy supply of the body. The consequences: Circulatory problems, palpitations, dehydration - and finally Organ failure. Fat burners such as carnitine, which are allowed here and available in fitness studios or pharmacies, have no effect. So save yourself the money! Internet resources can be deadly. So: hands off!

Appetite suppressant?

They are addicting and dangerous! Appetite suppressants such as amphetamines or ephedrine make you addicted after just a few days - and seriously endanger your health. Reason: The cardiovascular system is overly activated, which is too Racing heart, high blood pressure, and anxiety leads - and can even end in death. The still best fat burner and the only recommended appetite suppressant is a natural appetite suppressant: exercise. Because when you move, the hormone adrenaline is released, which prevents cravings.

Food combining makes you slim

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Slimming pills: dangerous side effects

What are the benefits of swelling agents?

Constipation! Swelling agents consist of plant fibers or collagen, swell in the stomach and are supposed to dampen hunger. For someone who eats healthily, however, these pills are completely unnecessary, because Fiber like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables serve the same purpose. It becomes dangerous if you don't drink enough fluids. Then the swelling agents in the stomach and intestines become hard as concrete. Consequence: The digestion can no longer work properly. In the worst case, an intestinal obstruction occurs - which can be fatal! A.absolutely pointless - and also hazardous to health!

Do you lose weight with drainage tablets?

The fat stays where it is. Dehydrating agents only increase the excretion of water. However, electrolytes, which are responsible for transmitting information in the nervous system, are also lost in the process. Result: The mental performance is restricted - that can go up to the insanity! In addition, all organs in the body need enough water to work. Water is also necessary to keep the body temperature constant. If you lose too much fluid, the body warms up: You no longer sweat - heat stroke occurs. Dehydrators won't help you lose fat!

Diet capsules & Co .: That’s really up!

Are laxatives recommended?

No - because they cause malnutrition and deficiency symptoms. What does not stay in the body cannot migrate into the fat cells - that is the principle of laxatives. This also means that vitamins and minerals that the body needs are lost. And after ingestion, a lot of water is flushed out, which leads to reduced physical and mental performance. In addition These preparations damage the intestinal flora and kidneys. Laxatives completely disrupt the body's own regulatory mechanisms!

Stars in the diet trap
Do you always have to be beautiful and slim - with the help of weight loss pills?

Britney Spears allegedly lost weight with appetite suppressants after giving birth to her children and Russell Croweintended for his role in "A Beautiful Mind" have lost weight with fat blockers. But that's not healthy, the stars should know that too!

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