How can I copyright my music online?

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PriorMart stores your work digitally & encoded with a notary.

With the notarial deposit of your works, you create irrefutable proof of the time of creation. In this way you prevent someone else from posing as the author and protect yourself against plagiarism and theft of ideas.

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How can you protect your own song? answer

Songs and musical works are protected by copyright. Copyright is an unregistered property right, i.e. it arises automatically. The author is anyone who is designated as the author on the work and who can provide the earliest proof of ownership of a work.

Therefore it is important to register your own song with copyright. The famous letter to yourself, the memories of friends or files on the computer can be manipulated and are weak; in court they are at best considered as clues. To protect a song effectively, the Registration in a state-controlled register respectively.

If you register your song by notarising it, your deed becomes part of the notarial deed. It is therefore subject to legal control, just like wills, property purchases and other notarized documents.

With a notarial deed, you have reliable evidence of the earliest possession date. Your authorship can be proven in court and your song is protected.

When is the ideal time to register your own songs? answer

The ideal time is now. The original always exists before the copy, no one can copyright your song earlier than you. If you wait too long, someone else may have come up with the same idea in the meantime. If the person has then deposited his song faster, he also serves first.

Unfortunately, many musicians only think about protecting their songs when a dispute has arisen. A notarial deposit can, however, never be made retrospectively, it always only applies from the time of deposit. To notarise it promptly at the time of creation is therefore the strongest protection for a song. In just 5 minutes you can open your copyright account, free of charge.

Isn't it very expensive to deposit songs with a notary? answer

Not at PriorMart. We know that most musicians are not millionaires and that good copyright music protection shouldn't be expensive. That's why there is a unique tariff at PriorMart.

For a monthly flat rate you can have any number of songs notarized in this tariff. You can even upload revised songs or new songs several times a day. Each song is added to the notarial deposit by PriorMart. You are not only documenting a single work, but the entire process of creation. You still don't know today which of your works will get caught up in a copyright dispute. If you store your entire output, the correct proof is guaranteed in an emergency.

What are the advantages of notarizing my own songs? answer

  1. In copyright law, an author is someone who is named as the author (presumption of author). If someone claims authorship, you have to prove that you are the real author. If you have deposited your song with a notary, you can use the date of the notarial deed to prove when you had the work. The original always exists before the copy and your certificate is the earliest evidence. With that you can take action against plagiarists and prove the authorship of your own songs.

  2. Copyright applies from the time of creation. There can often be months or years between the time of creation and the time of publication. During this time you have no proof and therefore you may not be able to assert copyright protection for your song. Conversely, if someone accuses you of plagiarism, you cannot prove that you have already completed this work.
    With the notarial deed, the Prove the time of creation to be legally binding, even decades later if necessary.

  3. The fact that your own song is protected by copyright does not necessarily prevent others from stealing it anyway. Everyone knows how little even other musicians care about copyright. The music theft works because very rarely does anyone have to fear a punishment. However, a notarized song is listed in a legally controlled register, the risk for plagiarists is much higher here. This reduces the risk of your song being stolen. Tip: Use the PriorMart protection seal and show that your songs have been protected.

┬╗The notarial deposit at PriorMart is so cheap.

How does the notarial deposit work with PriorMart? answer

You upload your song to our security server via an encrypted connection, everything else is done by PriorMart. We create a single sheet for the uploaded file and deposit this document with a notary's office. The notary will create a written certification for your proof and we will send you this document by post. At the same time, we archive your files in our archive system for at least five years. You can access the archived file at any time, free of charge.

Can I change a stored song? answer

No, a notarized song can no longer be changed. While files in databases or in private data storage devices can be changed, this is not possible with a notarial deed. That is why a notarized song is also proof of the latest time of creation that will stand up in court. If the song could be changed later, the filing date would no longer be meaningful.

If you change a stored song, it must be stored again. This is even possible free of charge if you have booked the PriorMart flat rate offer.

Is my song safe with PriorMart? answer

In addition to legal security, PriorMart also offers you security against data loss, data theft and espionage. Your file is saved in a redundant archive system, which is protected against defective data carriers as well as against adverse environmental conditions. At the same time, your data is securely stored separately from the Internet. If you want to download your file once, PriorMart first transfers this file from the archive system to the online system. The file will be deleted there after seven days. This also protects your file from hackers. Internally, your file is only saved in coded form and our processes are stored in such a way that none of our employees can ever see your uploaded data. These three measures effectively protect our customers against data loss, data theft and espionage.

Alternatives to PriorMart's answer

Several providers advertise that they act as a copyright register or copyright office to protect your songs. Some providers try to give the impression that they are a state copyright office like in the USA. In Germany, however, there is no state copyright register. If you want to get an official confirmation for your song, a notarial deposit is well advised. And of all the providers we know of, only one provider offers a notarial deposit - PriorMart.

Before you decide on a cheap alternative, ask who keeps the copyright register there. Is it a notary like PriorMart or a private person or company? Also keep in mind that companies can go bankrupt. If no notary has been entrusted with the deposit, your proof will also be lost in the event of a company bankruptcy.

With a notarial deposit with PriorMart, you are protected against bankruptcy and you will also receive a document from the state-supervised document role of German notaries.

So you can notarise your song

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  1. You register with PriorMart.

  2. You save your musical work in a file.

  3. You log in and upload the file via the encrypted internet connection.

Finished. PriorMart takes care of everything else. (More about PriorMart.)

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