What is global alignment


our mission

Securing what matters - securing what is important

In our modern world, the need for security and the desire of people to protect what is dear to them is increasing. Betafence offers protection for everything that is important without neglecting the desire for freedom.

Our strategy

Expand our offering and support our global strategy

Strengthening our management of major projects

  • Continuous innovation to ensure optimal solutions for the end user
  • Expansion of the partner network to ensure professional installations and optimal system integration
  • Production of inexpensive and efficient solutions

facts and figures

>> Market leader

With the widest range of fencing systems for industry, access control and detection, Betafence is the world's leading manufacturer of fences.

>> Over 135 years of excellence

Betafence has been providing the market with the highest quality in terms of products and services for over 135 years.

>> More than 1400 employees

Betafence, headquartered in Belgium, currently employs more than 1,400 people worldwide.

>> 8 works

Betafence has 8 production sites in 8 countries: Belgium (Zwevegem), United Kingdom (Sheffield), Germany (Schwalmtal), Italy (Tortoreto), Poland (Kotlarnia), South Africa (Cape Town), Turkey (Istanbul) and the USA (Ennis , Texas).

>> 30 sales offices

Betafence has sales offices all over the world. For our sales force, customer satisfaction is the top priority.