Why not many Americans in international backpacking trips

7 ways to travel without money

Many (young) people would like to stay for several months to travel around the world, but usually there is not enough money for more than a 3-week vacation. I did some research and 7 possibilities found how to travel the world for months. But can a trip really work without money?

If you plan on, for several months Traveling around the world, it is not possible that you sleep in a hotel every night. Even youth hostels become expensive in the long run. It would be better if you didn't do anything for yours accommodation and your Catering would have to pay. In addition, some ideas for a trip without money….

1. Travel without money - WWOOF

WWOOF is an abbreviation and stands for "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms“And has proven itself since 1971. The organization runs local Farm and plantation owners, Nurseries and other companies or mostly organizations with mostly young travelers. That way you can for a little work (about 20 hours a week) for free in one Accommodation provided by the employer sleep. Depending on the company, you will also get food.

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The activities are mostly Gardening, farm work on farms, cooking, Teaching, babysitting or Handwork. Basically everyone should find something suitable for themselves. If you do everything right, you can actually plan a complete trip with no money!

The great thing about it is above all that Exchange with colleagues and the local workers. If you travel the world in this way for a few weeks or even months, you are sure to collect valuable life experience and learn practical activities.

Info: In many countries you have to register with the national WWOOF organization and obtain a annual fee pay. One year for Argentina costs, for example, $ 30.-, also for Nepal. In Australia it is about € 34.-.

2. House Carers

Apply as Caretaker for private houses, whose owners are traveling. The activities are usually not very demanding and not time-consuming. Your tasks vary depending on the owner. Most of the time it's about that Keep house clean, the plants in the house and in the garden to pourto look around Pets to take care of, or even to inhabit the house to deter potential intruders.

The service is free for homeowners and they save the cost of professional supervision. You can choose your travel time and a Description of the house and the activity put online. People can then get in touch and get in touch apply for the job. Conversely, you can also look for someone you like among all members.

A great way free in a mostly big one House with garden to live and to explore the neighborhood or city. A trip without money is not quite realistic, after all, you have to eat something, but it will definitely be very cheap!

Info: For you, as a "caretaker" one costs 12 month membership $ 50.-.

3. Work camping

Workcamper has been around for 20 years with the aim of travelers willing to work to bring them together with the right employer for them. These represent in return for a few hours of work a day either one free campsite or Caravan to disposal. So you work where you live.

The jobs are diverse from Campsite manager, Christmas tree seller, work in different areas in Hotels, national parks up to Lighthouse keeper. Most of these jobs are seasonal jobs in March, April, May and September, October.

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It is interesting that many retired Americans use this opportunity to make their retirement more exciting and varied. A trip without money is not only interesting for young people.

Info: One year membership costs $ 30.-.

4. Viva Farms

As far as I know there is a cooperation between Viva Farms and the already mentioned WWOOF. But here are the jobs on offer in different areas, from Reception job in a youth hostel, Marketing, accounting, Sale or the typical Berry picking is in. 😉

Info: Membership for 1 year costs $ 20.-.

5. The Caretaker Gazette

Another platform on which you can find jobs in many areas, e.g. Organic farms, care for the elderly, Motel management, Campsite management, House sitting, etc. This, too, can turn a trip without money into a realistic scenario!

The platform already exists since 1983, that's where the name comes from: At that time, the offers were obviously only available in the form of a magazine, which is still offered today.

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Info: Online membership costs for the Caretaker Gazette $ 30.- per year..

6. HelpX

HelpX is all about Jobs on organic farms, Agriculture,Backpacker hostels and even Jobs on sailboats are offered.

HelpX is primarily about the cultural exchange, so it's more for people who like to be in Contact with locals want to kick and practical experience want to collect.

You work on average 4 hours a day for your free accommodation or even food - depending on the employer, there is different regulations.

HelpX is represented worldwide e.g. in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many countries in Europe. A trip without money is basically possible anywhere in the world!

Info: In order to be able to use the full range of functions, you need a premium membership, which € 20.- for 2 years costs ..

7. Workaway

One thing stands out straight away: the website looks great fresh and young out. That could be because the organization was founded by the two young but experienced backpackers David and Simone.

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At first glance, there are certainly not as many offers listed here as on the other platforms, but right away I found an interesting position in one Backpacker tree house on the beach in Kenya and later another in a small one Family business in Goa, India.

Info: The costs are also kept within limits € 18.- for a 2-year membership are very fair ..

Conclusion on the possibilities for a trip without money

Personally, I like the concepts of WWOOF and House Carers especially good, I really want to try it out.

Do you know any other ways to make a trip without money? Could you imagine traveling this way?