When should we wear winter clothes?

Translation of "to wear clothes" in Italian

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You need people who do tons of wear clothing want.
He leaves them very simple wear clothing.
I will honor her and the usual one here wear clothing.
You should therefore protect yourself from sunlight and UV radiation by using appropriately protective clothing wear clothing and use sunscreens with a high sun protection factor.
È pertanto necessario limitare l'esposizione al sole e ai raggi UV tramite l'uso di indumenti protettivi idonei e di creme solari ad alta protezione.
Tell your girlfriend that she wear clothing should, Lip.
We need them under ours wear clothing before we have an exit, which is in ... 45 minutes.
Dobbiamo metterceli sotto i nostri vestiti prima dell'ora libera, cioè tra ... 45 minuti.
Will you be the same tomorrow wear clothing?
You can go on wear clothing, if you do not mind?
Se lei non ha niente in contrario, Uno vorrebbe continuare a endorse abiti.
You are lucky, so beautiful wear clothing to be able to do it even if it's not yours.
"A woman shouldn't wear clothingthat is intended for men. "
"Una donna non dovrebbe endorsement ci che appartiene a un uomo. "
She must be yours wear clothing. Right!
Giusto! Allora andiamo al mio hotel.
But I want to ask you, do you always get the clothes ... or do you have your own wear clothing?
Lascia che ti chieda ... ti danno semper dei vestiti o devi farlo semper con i tuoi?
They should be a lot warm wear clothing.
wear clothing would be advisable.
Strange wear clothing this one.
I mean Ferengi female that wear clothing and make a profit.
Non mi riferivo alle larva, ma al fatto che le femmine ferengi portano vestiti e guadagnano.
A nice girl like you shouldn't be such wear clothing.
È un peccato, che permettano a una bella ragazza come lei di endorsement...
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