How is Vegeto stronger than Gogeta

Who is the strongest fusion, Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue or Vegito Super Saiyan Blue?

Based on your question, I think you got the Vegito from the Future Trunks Bow and the Gogeta Blue from the Compare Dragon Ball Super movie ? Then yes! Gogeta Blue is definitely stronger . On the one hand, Goku and Vegeta have become significantly stronger in the entire TOP compared to the Future Trunks arc. Second, regardless of whether Broly is stronger than Beerus, his power came with one God of Destruction compared. I understand Shin made a comment in the manga about Vegito competing with Beerus in the Future Trunks arc, but I honestly won't be looking at it simply based on the number of inaccurate statements we've seen from Shin throughout the series ( he thought SSJG Goku could defeat Beerus, SSJB Vegeta won against Jiren, Vegeta could lose against Pui Pui and the list goes on.

There is also an alternative corrupt version of Merged Zamasu in the anime, which is much stronger. Beerus comments that he could easily beat Merged Zamasu (who would go head to toe with Vegito Blue). Jiren's power has been compared to that of a GOD and Beerus is one of the strongest GODs who should take on Jiren (at least before he releases his resting power), and Jiren is in some ways stronger than Vegito, even before he releases his resting power in Considering that Goku and Vegeta didn't resort to Fusion to challenge Jiren, and it was heavily implied that Goku had to master the UI in order to win.

Now let's say we have an alternate reality in which Goku and Vegeta merge into Vegito instead of Gogeta in the movie. I think Vegito would be stronger simply because the Potara Fusion was classified as more powerful. The Potara earrings belong to the highest beings in the universe. The Supreme Kais and traditional fusion dance were created by a group of mortals.


Sorry, I'd like to compare both fusions if the base characters were on the same level. For example, if Goku and Vegeta did the Potara merger in the Broly movie, would they be stronger or for weeks than Vegito? It's true that I mentioned Vegito from Dragon Ball Super and that the base characters were weaker before, but for comparison purposes. You may want to edit your answer now that I've made that clear

Gary Andrews30

@ Pablo Your question seems a bit misleading. That's because you keep saying, "Gogeta is stronger than Vegito, but you can of course think that Goku and Vegeta have gotten stronger since before the power tournament when they fought Broly." Because when it comes to the question of whether Gogeta or Vegito are stronger at any given point in time, ultimately only the fusion dance against the Potara fusion matters, and it has been stated that the Potara fusion is stronger.