Why should I move to France

Emigration to France - questions and answers

Do you want to move to France? A good choice. The country is known for its excellent food, fine wines, varied landscapes and cultural joie de vivre. The Mediterranean climate is popular with many, and older Germans in particular are considering emigrating to France for their old age. But many students and young workers are also drawn to France. Here is an overview of what you need to consider when emigrating to France.

Is that possible without a visa?

Immigration to France is not a problem for German citizens. All you need to enter the country is a passport or identity card. If you are staying for more than three months, you must register a place of residence in France.

Moved to France with a forwarding company

Before you hire a moving company to move to France, you should compare the offers and ask which service the company takes on.

  • Do you take care of packing and unpacking your belongings?
  • Do you take over the dismantling and assembly of the furniture?
  • Do you take care of the customs formalities?
  • Are you cleaning the old apartment?

Moving auction savings tip: Ask the moving company whether they offer additional loads - this can greatly reduce the moving costs.

Living and working in France - what should be considered?

Work permit, school place and health insurance: A work permit is not required to take up a job, but it will make it easier for you to go to various authorities. To do this, you have to master the French language, because the French are not tolerant of foreign languages. In France there is a statutory minimum wage. After you have paid into French unemployment insurance for six months, you are entitled to unemployment benefit. Children from the age of three get a place in an all-day preschool free of charge. To do this, you must be able to show a small list of vaccinations. When you register for permanent residence, you will receive a social security number and health insurance, which you can use to open an account in France.

Living in France - How expensive are the rents? If you want to live in Paris, expect high rental costs. The rents in Paris far exceed the rents in major German cities. Outside Paris and in other cities as well as in the countryside, the rental prices are comparable to those in Germany. To rent an apartment in France, you need a French bank account and a local guarantor. Most rental apartments are brokered through a broker. You can only get an apartment if you earn at least three times the rental price. In addition, tenants in France have to pay residential tax.

Emigrating to France as a pensioner - is it worth it?

If you want a retirement home in France, questions about pension rights and insurance arise. However, you can rest assured that as a German pensioner you will remain a member of the German pension health insurance. This means that you are entitled to initial medical care at the expense of your health insurance. If you need a doctor in France, just show your health insurance card. You will continue to receive your pension, you only have to pay tax on them in France. The cost of living in France is comparable to that in Germany.

Checklist for moving to France

You should prepare well for moving Germany-France. Even if France is a neighboring country to Germany, you should carefully plan the following points:

  • Check your identity card and passport for their validity.
  • Ask your social security for a European health insurance card.
  • Take your birth certificate with you. You will need this for various administrative procedures in France.
  • Make certified copies of your educational qualifications and certificates with a translation into French.
  • De-register in Germany and ask the pension fund and the tax office for appropriate evidence.
  • Calculate the cost of moving to France.
  • Check with your bank to see if you can transfer your account to a bank in France.
  • Register for a French language course.
  • Register at the German consulate upon arrival. It is your first point of contact in France and gives you other local contact addresses to turn to if you have any questions.
  • Take out French home insurance and car insurance for your car.