Why isn't amazon jet com copying

Questionable retailers are tricking with copied Amazon offers

An online retailer contacted us and reported a new scam. He was astonished when he first discovered the problem: Other sellers are offering their products on Ebay - and enriching themselves with it.

The fact that another retailer has similar products sounds more common than suspicious at first. If it weren't for the inflated prices, the identical product photos and item descriptions and the fact that the Ebay sellers are people who are not verified. The Amazon retailer is not only a seller but also a manufacturer of his product and only works with a few retailers that he has verified.

Bought on Ebay, sent through Amazon

But how does the ordering process work if the Ebay dealers are not verified at all? The manufacturer became puzzled when he read Ebay reviews: Many a customer said, surprised, that his order arrived in an Amazon parcel. This fact reveals the business model of the Ebay retailer: They offer the goods of the Amazon retailer at a more expensive price. If a customer buys the product on Ebay, an order is placed on Amazon. The Amazon retailer receives his money as normal and the product is sent directly to the buyer. The Ebay dealer makes the difference as a profit.

The Amazon retailer does not suffer any direct financial damage from this campaign. Nevertheless, he is dissatisfied with the possible damage to our image: "What is strange, however, is that it could look to our customers as if we were trying to get inflated prices for our articles."

Are bots behind the copy campaign?

Since the entire range, including product photos and item descriptions, is sometimes copied, bots, i.e. automatically operating programs, are suspected of being behind the campaign. We do not yet know whether other dealers are affected. In addition to the damage to the image that such an action causes, there is of course the damage caused by the theft of the copyrighted images.

Even more dealers affected?

It is still unclear whether these procedures are exceptional cases or a common practice. If you have also observed such activities or are affected yourself, simply leave us a comment.